Congressman George Santos' Profile On Karaoke App Smule Has Been Unearthed & It's As Unhinged As You'd Imagine

Add showtunes and Disney songs to the list of interest Santos will likely deny in the coming days.

TikToker BroadwayBob and George Santos @BroadwayBob, @vvertucio/TikTok

Things are not going well for Republican New York Congressman George Santos.

He's been embroiled in scandal for months after his "respectable" gay Republican political persona turned out to be entirely fabricated.

And he's had to step down from his congressional duties amid multiple investigations into possible financial crimes—at the local, state, federal and even international levels.  

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Now, his story has taken yet another weird turn after a Broadway fan on TikTok unearthed an unlikely online profile allegedly belonging to Santos.

George Santos' old profile on the karaoke app Smule is exactly what you would envision.

TikToker @BroadwayBob found George Santos' still-active account on the Smule karaoke app, where he sang Disney and Broadway songs like "Let It Go" from  "Frozen" and "A Whole New World" from "Aladdin."


Smule is a social app that lets people record themselves singing to karaoke tracks and duet with other users.

And not to squash anyone's artistic dreams, but to say Santos could use a few singing lessons is an understatement.

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BroadwayBob played several clips of Santos' singing, and they are all... well, really something. 


Santos sang everything from "Kiss the Girl" from "The Little Mermaid" to "Hakuna Matata" from "The Lion King," all of them sounding like the sort of drunken droning you'd hear in a post-midnight karaoke bar.

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George Santos also sang a version of the song "Cups," also known as "When I'm Gone," popularized by Anna Kendrick in the film "Pitch Perfect."

The clip begins in the most cringe-worthy way possible—with Santos imploring everyone to have "lots of energy, guys" in the least energetic way imaginable.

And as for the vocals, let's just say Kendrick did the song better and leave it at that. 




Santos' song clips have left people on TikTok slack-jawed. "Is there any aspect of Santos that isn’t cringe?" one user asked, "Like, just one."

For many others, Santos' Smule vocals reminded them of just one thing—YouTuber Miranda Sings.

As one person put it, "i refuse to believe this isnt an intentional mirandasings parody. my brain cant handle the alternative."


Of course, the difference is that Miranda Sings is just a character played by actress Colleen Ballenger, whereas Santos' Smule discography seems... well, frighteningly earnest.

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George Santos' Smule profile is just the latest chapter in his bizarre story in which he fabricated nearly every detail of his life to get elected.

Santos has also denied the fabrications even in the face of incontrovertible evidence.


After a failed 2020 run for the House of Representatives, Santos honed his image by hanging out with Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago and speaking at the January 6 rally that led to the Capitol riots.

For his 2022 congressional run, he created a persona of the sort of buttoned-up gay Republican that some, though certainly not all or even most, GOP politicians will gleefully accept as a token.

To do it, he created a list of total fabrications so lenthy it's hard to know where to begin listing them.

He claimed he lost employees in the 2016 Pulse shooting, that his mother was in the World Trade Center on 9/11, that he's Jewish and his grandparents fled the Holocaust.


He even claimed to have been the "star" of the volleyball team at New York's tiny Baruch College, not exactly a point of prestige.

None of that appears to be true, and there's even a question about what his actual name is after he introduced himself as "Anthony Devolder" at a 2019 event.

The resulting media firestorm uncovered more lies from Santos' past, like his 2014 proposal to former fiancé Pedro Vilarva while still married to a Brazilian woman.

And as for his persona as the type of gay man the gender-obsessed Republican Party finds "respectable"?

That turned out to be fake too after videos emerged of Santos performing as drag queen Eula Rochard in Brazil. Regardless, he denies having done so to this day.


He even denied watching "RuPaul's Drag Race" when asked by a TikToker—after a moment of hesitation in which he clearly almost forgot to keep up his ruse.

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Santos' lies have now landed him at the center of multiple investigations into alleged criminal activity, including in Brazil, where he is accused of stealing a man's checkbook.  

Nassau County, New York, where Santos' district lies, is also investigating him for fraud related to his campaign lies.


And he is under federal investigation for using campaign funds for personal expenses and having a member of his staff impersonate a member of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy's staff while fundraising.

Many have been left astonished by Santos' easily refutable lies, and feel his profound incompetence must mean he's part of some nefarious scheme. 

Others—this writer included—believe Santos is simply a garden-variety grifter who figured out, like so many others in recent years, that Republican political and media notoriety is where the money is.

We may never know exactly what Santos'—or Devolder's, or whatever—deal is, but regardless it's unlikely any of us will ever forget him.


As a commenter on BroadwayBob's Smule exposé aptly put it, "the documentary about this guy will be Oscar-worthy."

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