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Woman Accused Of Scamming LA Influencers By Posing As Friend Of Jeff Wittek And Jack Harlow

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Jeff Wittek, Sophia Nur, Jack Harlow

Influencers in Los Angeles are coming forward with accusations that they were the victims of an alleged scammer Sophia Nur after #SurvivingSophia went viral on Twitter.

Several influencers and social media stars including Jeff Wittek, Rickey Thompson, and Denzel Dion, went on Twitter Spaces, a new feature on Twitter that allows users to have live audio conversations, sharing their experience with Nur who is a supposed publicist.

She allegedly stole $11 million by scamming her way into both high-profile Los Angeles events and friend groups, posing as a victim of horrific experiences and asking influencers for money.

Though, many people are pointing out that the supposed $11 million could be unsubstantiated, and the figure could be closer to hundred of thousands instead.

But the allegations aren't getting the most sympathetic response online as social media users question how these influencers managed to get conned!

What is #SurvivingSophia on Twitter?

The hashtag has revealed many allegations against Nur from a list of LA influencers who interacted with her.

Nur is reported to have moved to LA but now is nowhere to be seen online, or in her former friend groups, as the allegations unfold. 

By claiming to be associated with the likes of Wittek and rapper Jack Harlow, Nur allegedly conned her way into social circles, events and even bank accounts.

Influencers have accused Sophia Nur of stealing from them.

During the conversation, one Twitter user, Camille, claimed that she had bought a plane ticket and hotel for Nur to stay in, who she now says “kept trying to get one over her,” by repeatedly requesting money and refusing to pay her back. 

She claimed that Nur had promised to pay her back via PayPal for the “borrowed money,” yet never did. 

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Jeff Wittek claims Sophia Nur tricked him into giving her his credit card.

Members of David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad, Wittek and Suzy Antonyan allegedly met Nur in LA — unbeknowst to Wittek, Nur was allegedly telling other people she worked for him.

Wittek admitted that he had given Nur his credit card after she regularly told stories of how she’d been robbed, sexually assaulted, and didn’t have any place to stay.

Another user claimed Nur had scammed her by claiming that her mother had passed away, and she needed $4,000 to cover all of the funeral expenses. 

The victim of the scam later found out that Nur had used that same story to gain money from other people around Los Angeles.

Sophia Nur claimed to be friends with Jack Harlow.

According to some of the influencers who interacted with her, Nur would pretend she could get them invited to Harlow's shows and parties.

Nur also alleged that Harlow was obsessed with her, and that she was even pregnant with his child.

Rickey Thompson allegedly interacted with Sophia Nur also.

Rickey Thompson, a YouTuber and Instagram influencer, revealed during the conversation that he had given Nur a key to his apartment, would go out to dinner with her, and considered her a friend, until realizing that she was scamming him for his money.

Another victim of Nur claimed she had met her at the Hollywood Walk of Fame and had struck up a conversation with her.

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The two bonded over both being from Somali, and as the conversation continued, Nur claimed that she had been ditched by her friends in Los Angeles and had no way of returning home.

She continued by saying she paid for Nur’s flight which cost over $1,000, as well as falling victim to Nur’s claims for needing money to cover her mother’s funeral.

Some Twitter users took Sophia Nur's side.

Many people on Twitter were quick to jump on the #SurvivingSophia tag, both sympathizing with the influencers who had been tricked and lied to, while also finding humor in the situation for how easily they managed to get duped.

Users were also comparing Sophia Nur’s scams to that of the infamous Bling Ring, which were a group of convicted thieves of seven teenagers and young adults who staged robberies all around Calabasas, California.

The teenagers broke into several celebrity homes, including Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Rachel Bilson.

The Bling Ring was even adapted into a film in 2013, starring Emma Watson, Taissa Farmiga, and Leslie Mann.

Sophia Nur’s Twitter account has been deactivated as she has seemingly disappeared from the internet, with many people wondering if we’ll ever hear her side of the story. 

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