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Bride & Groom's Friends Didn't Make The Final Guest List So They Drove A Boat To Watch The Ceremony Anyway

Photo: TikTok
Friends rent boat to watch wedding ceremony

A TikTok posted by Lake Tahoe wedding photographer Elsa Boscarello reveals a wedding ceremony that was semi-crashed by friends who didn’t make the guest list.

In the video, the bride and groom can be seen standing on the edge of a boat surrounded by the lake’s picturesque scenery with a wedding officiant between them. 

Assumingly due to the size of the boat, they could only fit close friends and family into their special day, and in the video, it seems that there are about 20 people in attendance.

The bride and groom’s friends were not on the guest list but still wanted to be there for their special day.

All of a sudden, four friends pull up on a boat loaded with champagne to watch and celebrate their friends tying the knot from afar.

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It’s unclear whether the bride and groom were in on their friends crashing the wedding. Hopefully, they gave them a heads-up, as they clearly distracted guests who were looking and pointing at them instead of focusing on the ceremony.

The four friends are seen in Boscarello’s TikTok video popping and spraying champagne over the water, taking photos of the ceremony, and cheering from a distance.

Boscarello titled the TikTok “When you don’t make the final guest list but still want to support your friends on their wedding day…,” which was met with mixed reactions from people who saw the video.

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The comments are divided on whether this was a nice gesture or just plain awkward.

Some commenters claim that they would never attend a wedding they weren’t invited to. Others agree that real friends are the ones that can understand limited accommodations and still do their best to be there.

Assuming the guests were simply unwanted, one commenter writes, “.... I’d be at a restaurant, drinking, with people who actually wanted me”

“I’m not going to a single wedding I’m not invited to. Obviously I wasn’t important enough,” one writes.

“To me this would feel quite awkward for all sides,” another adds.

On the other hand, one commenter writes, “honestly, the people willing to get their own boat and still show up despite not making the cut are the exact people who should make the list."

“How cool, that the friends understood the situation and didn’t take it personally. This is friendship," another says.

“Appalling to me they WEREN’T invited yet seemed the most excited and wanted to be there,” an additional commenter claims, pointing out that the friends were the ones who brought the most energy to their momentous day.

Without context, it's hard to know how exactly this situation came to be but all that matters is that the bride and groom appeared to be having the time of their lives.

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