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Four Strangers Find Out They're Dating The Same Man So They Meet Up & Confront Him—And Learn There Are 48 Others

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Women confront man who is cheating on the four of them

After finding out that they were dating the same man, four women decided to meet up and confront him face to face. One woman captured the moment on video, which has since gone viral on TikTok.

In the video, one of the women stands outside his house and asks him if he likes her outfit — playing into the confrontation as the other three wait out of sight. She tells the man she wants him to meet her friends and then he is confronted by his four girlfriends.

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The four women found out he was cheating on them via social media.

The woman who made the TikTok, Amanda, claims she matched with the man on the dating app Hinge in February 2023 and casually dated him for about six weeks.

“We immediately hit it off and started going on dates,” she said. “And then I noticed some strange behavior. He started going MIA for long periods of time, making plans and then bailing on them with these kind of like bizarre excuses.”

It became clear why he was acting suspiciously once she received a direct message on Instagram from one of the other girls who asked if she was dating him. The girl told her “Well I’m his girlfriend. I’m here with his other girlfriend and another girl he’s casually dating.”

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The man had just moved to Providence from Baltimore and only followed a small number of people so the woman he was casually seeing became suspicious when she noticed a new girl on his social media who happened to be from Baltimore.

On one particular weekend, the man told this girl that his mom was flying in and that he wasn’t going to be around. Something didn’t feel right to her, so she went to the location he said he was going to be at and saw him with the girl that she was curious about.

She reached out to her on Instagram and learned he flew her in from Baltimore and that she was also his girlfriend. She said she was in town for a few more days and didn’t know what to do because she had nowhere else to stay.

So she picked her up and found her a place to stay. Then they went through his following and noticed he was following Amanda which led them to message her.

Amanda recaps the story by saying, “He was casually dating me at one point but I had already cut it off, and he was currently at the time casually dating the other girl, and currently had two relationships. I’m talking committed relationships, saying the L-word, boyfriend and girlfriend, crystal clear.”

“So, he was cheating,” she says. “He was cheating. There’s no other way to put it.”

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She put this information out there to protect other women from his repetitive cheating.

Come to find out, this behavior wasn’t new to the man.

There’s a group on Facebook called ‘Are we dating the same person?’ where you can put in the location you’re trying to get information from. Amanda claims that she saw the man’s photo on it and “48 women came forward and said yes I am dating this man.”

“We suspect there are more girls out there and we suspect this behavior is going to continue,” she says.

“This man lies and manipulates, tells you what you wanna hear, and it’s scary, it’s honestly scary. And like I said this is all to protect the women. I don’t want this happening to anyone else. I want the ladies to be safe and look after one another.”

She claims he was sexually active with multiple people, some she suspects were on the same day which is why she found the situation concerning.

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None of the girls have gotten back with him and they all support each other now.

She posted a TikTok video with photos of each of the women and video clips from when the four of them went out on the town together.



“We are bonded for life and we are friends now,” says Amanda. “We are checking in on one another and we are supporting each other and if anything, what happened happened, and we are blessed enough to not be going through it alone. We will continue to remain friends and it’s a happily ever after story in that sense.”

She posted a TikTok video with photos of each of the women and video clips from when the four of them went out on the town together. The comment section agreed that they were all way out of his league.

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