Former Escort Reveals What Her Married Clients Have Taught Her About Men Who Cheat

She has the inside scoop.

Bianca Seirra TikTok

A former escort has revealed what sleeping with married men has taught her about marriage.

As a sex worker, Australian woman Bianca Seirra has had her share of experiences with married men and, as a result, has some helpful feedback for their wives.

In a TikTok video, the escort revealed insights about how married men view their wives.

"You can do better," she began. "He can do more for you. He's just doing it with other women. He's comfortable, you let him be comfortable."


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Seirra continued, saying that the married men she would be involved with usually "loved the kids" and "he doesn't want the kids taken away."


She explained that because husbands love their kids "it's one of the main reasons why he stays" even though they're being unfaithful to their wives.

She added that married men who hire escorts need people to care for them. 

"Nine times out of ten, they are the irresponsible parent and you're the responsible one," she explained.

"They need someone to hold them down at home so they can go out and be crazy and do all the things they want to do and then come home to you because they know that you've got their back."

Despite married men cheating on their wives with the escorts they hire, Seirra confirmed that "they do love" their wives but "with conditions."


"Not all men cheat, [the] majority of men have fantasized about it, but there is a percentage that know it's not worth it," she said.

"They know it's the hunt that they want, not the catch. And they've already caught you, so that's why they're hunting, or want to."

Seirra went on, saying that married men "think everyone wants them, but they don't."

"I don't want your man," she clarified. "I do want his money." 

She added that these men "are scared" and they are "scared to communicate and say exactly what it is they want or what they fantasize [about]."

If a married man were to leave his wife, they're "not leaving you for someone better, they're leaving you for someone easier."


"I'm easier," Seirra said, referring to her former job. "You pay me and I'm yours. There is no work to be done. It's an illusion."

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On another note, Seirra admitted that a "small majority" of the married men she'd work with had "big hearts," while some of them have "mental illness." 

"Sleeping with a younger, hotter woman is a way to validate themselves when they really could just go home to you and communicate, talk, [and] be validated by you."

She concluded her video by encouraging women to leave the types of men who cheat on their wives and hire escorts to do it.


"Women rule the world, and without us, there'd be nothing," she said.

"And they know that, and that's why they lie, manipulate, they cheat, they gaslight, and they lovebomb. They need to keep you at bay from reaching your full potential which is leaving them."

In a second TikTok video, Seirra expanded on her thoughts about married men who cheat, and how they view their marriage.



She explained that these men "justify" themselves cheating because "he's paying for it."


"He believes that it genuinely helps the relationship," she said, adding that "men underestimate what women and what they're willing to do to make their husbands happy."

Seirra continued, saying that "men hold a lot of resentment to their partner for not being the woman they were when they got together."

She further explained her thought, pointing out that some men "stop treating their partner the way they do when they're trying to win their hearts."


In conclusion, Seirra added that "sometimes men just want someone to talk to" and that "it's not always about sex."

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