Father Holding His Newborn Son Criticized For Being Vulgar About Where The Baby Came From

This is the first time he's holding his newborn baby, and that's what he decided to say?

Father holding his newborn TikTok TikTok

A video of a father holding his newborn baby in the hospital is going viral because of what he said in the short, 15-second clip, that has people criticizing him and the mother for being with him.

The man, named Marky, is shirtless and highly emotional as he rests on what looks like a hospital bed while his wife, Annalise, films him and his special moment with their son, Mikey.

The new dad said ‘You were my c—m once’ as he was holding his newborn baby.

Holding your bright little bundle of life for the very first time after birth has to be one of the most important times in your life, and many people were shocked by the vulgar words that Marky decided to say while holding his baby for the first time.


He looks like he’d been crying, and for all we know he might have been, but the video opens with Marky looking off to the distance while caressing newborn Mikey in his hands and saying “You were my c—m once,” before looking down at the baby and remarking how cute he is.

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Tears start flowing after a few rocks, and he says “Oh dear, aren’t you the sweetest little thing?” The overlaid text in the video reads “My partner’s first-time skin to skin with our baby, this is what he says,” with laughing emojis, so, fortunately, Annalise finds it humorous, but it ended with her.


“He is an amazing father to our kids but this was funny,” her caption reads, but many people disagreed with that last part, especially on Twitter where the most viral iteration of the video had the caption “Instant divorce.”

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The mother and father were criticized for what he said and for her being okay with it.

“How bizarre,” one woman wrote. “What an extremely odd thing to say,” someone else shared. “I’m so embarrassed for him that he actually said that,” a third commented.

Everyone else in the room laughed, but people on Twitter thought it was “cringe,” and asked that he improve himself “for the sake of everyone around him.”

However, one comment on TikTok seems to chalk it up quite nicely, reading, “Oh bless him, he’s not wrong tho eh, he’s just processing the miracle before his eyes.” No, he’s not really wrong, and it may not have been a super-appropriate thing to say, but he and his wife have just given birth to a brand-new baby.

The video is an old clip from when Annalise had given birth to their second child, so she can confirm that he is a good father — maybe that’s all that matters.




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