Mom Shamed After Sharing The Prepared Meals She Packs For Her Kid Whenever They Go Out To Restaurants

It saves time and she already knows her son will enjoy the meal. But others did not agree.

Karlie, packed meals for son TikTok

Finding foods that children will want to eat can be exhausting for a parent. As some kids can be quite picky eaters, some families have figured out certain little tricks and tips that help them out.

Such was the case for one mom, Karlie, who shared with her TikTok followers a hack that she uses for her son whenever they are going out to eat at restaurants.

In the video, Karlie, a mom of two, admitted that while some people may call her "cheap," she believes that the hack of packing her son already prepared meals for when they go out has saved her on many occasions.


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mom packs prepared meals for son whenever they go out to eatPhoto: TikTok

"If we're going out to a restaurant, I'm packing my kid a meal," Karlie declared. She continued, saying that she does this for multiple reasons. On most Friday nights, she and her family get together and will dine out at a restaurant. However, to save her time and a possible headache, she doesn't allow her son to eat out as well.


"For one, you want me to pay $6.99 for chicken tenders and fries that my son is going to throw half of it on the floor? You're crazy," she pointed out. "Also, whatever I pack is probably gonna be healthier than what the restaurant has anyways."

For the meal she packed her son before they went out, she included a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, bananas, mild cheddar cheese cubes, and a chocolate Lara bar. Karlie also explained that when she's at a restaurant with her son, he will most likely get fussy while waiting for the server.

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mom packs prepared meal for son whenever they go out to eatPhoto: TikTok


To avoid that, Karlie's already prepared meal takes care of that and she can easily avoid the public temper tantrums that would be thrown by her son if he is unable to eat right away. "I can just hand him this and let him go to town!"

"Also, my child is not opinionated. He does not care what he eats, he just wants to eat," Karlie added. She noted that if her son ever asked for a grilled cheese or something off of the restaurant menu, then she would have no problem ordering it for him.

"After he finishes his food, he's usually eating off of my plate," she shared, which is very much the reality for parents.

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In the comments section, people's opinions on Karlie's parenting hack were divided.

"I just bring a snack for the wait but I think going out to eat is special for everyone not just the adults," one TikTok user wrote. Another user added, "In my house, everyone eats out or no one eats out! My parents had the same rules!"

"The kid wants to eat something new and different, not something they eat a lot," a third user argued.

However, other people pointed out that Karlie's hack is pretty genius, and even admitted that they might also start doing something similar with their own children. "This is actually genius. My son is so picky and I always end up paying for something he doesn’t eat," another parent shared. A fifth commenter wrote, "We do what we gotta do as moms!!! Same thing if it was a baby and you brought their purees with you! Good job Mama!"


Every parent has things that work for them and their family. While not everyone will agree, children tend to be picky eaters and can often waste food if they don't like it. By Karlie taking preemptive measures to ensure that doesn't happen, she has pretty much already solved the issue.

It's always important that parents consider their child's nutritional needs, preferences, and dietary restrictions when packing meals in the same way they do when taking their children out to eat at restaurants.

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