Dog The Bounty Hunter Says Recovered Campsite Poop & Walmart Surveillance Footage Will Lead To Brian Laundrie

Dog is close to sniffing him out.

Brian Laundrie and Dog the Bounty Hunter Moab Police Department / YouTube

As the search for Brian Laundrie continues in hushed whispers, our less reserved hero Dog the Bounty Hunter reveals that he has discovered some new intel.

Dog, who has been committed to the search for Laundrie since September 25th, has been saying for weeks that he is hot on Laundrie’s tail.

Now, Dog says that poop and Walmart surveillance footage will lead him to Laundrie.

What clues has Dog The Bounty Hunter found while searching for Brian Laundrie? 

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Dog said that he found the fecal matter while search a campsite for Laundrie.


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Dog is hoping the feces could be linked to Brian Laundrie. 

However, Dog was disappointed when he found out that DNA could not be recovered from the feces, and claimed that they could recover DNA from the toilet paper that was used in the act.

Likewise, Dog mentioned the fact that law enforcement has surveillance cameras everywhere — hunter cams, trail cams, security footage — and wanted to find his own footage to try and locate Laundrie.

Dog is also searching for Brian Laundrie on a Walmart surveillance camera. 

He says his team went to a Walmart near an area where Laundrie was reported to be and found that in the trash there was an unopened, day-old sushi box that had been discarded.


“That rubbish can was a criminal smorgasbord,” he said of the waste bin. “I looked up and there was the Walmart camera. So I got the manager and I said, ‘ma’am he’s been reported in this area would you please look at your camera?’”

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Dog believes that Laundrie could be found digging in the trash looking for food if he was actually in the area. However, he did not reveal what the footage showed.

Dog The Bounty Hunter believes Brian Laundrie is still alive.

While Dog’s personal search for Laundrie hasn’t come back with many results, he still believes that he’s on his tail and also thinks that he’s still alive.


"Is he still alive? Oh yeah. Yeah, he's alive,' he said. “Do they wish we thought he was dead? Oh yeah. Do they wish that we thought that his body was being eaten by alligators? Oh yeah."

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He also spoke about his beliefs on Laundrie’s link to Gabby Petito’s homicide. Petito had been on a cross-country road trip with Laundrie over the summer until he returned home without her on September 1st. 

It wasn’t until September 21st that authorities announced a body that had been discovered two days earlier belonged to Petito, and that the cause of death was later revealed to be a homicide.


“In the beginning, I thought [Gabby's death] was not intentional - second degree involuntary [manslaughter]," he said. "Now, the way he's running, I think it's more than that."

Dog The Bounty Hunter has been searching Fort De Soto Park.

Dog broke the news that early in September, Laundrie went camping with his family at a Fort De Soto campground.

Since the discovery, he has been scouring the campgrounds and the surrounding islands, discovering flip-flops, bare footprints, an empty Monster Energy can, and now poop.


Laundrie has been missing for almost a month, disappearing on the 13th of September according to the new timeline given by his parents, with little progress in the search.

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