Lawyer Claims The FBI May Know Where Brian Laundrie Is — He Says They're Waiting To Arrest Him

This lawyer thinks the FBI is hiding something...

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An Alabama lawyer named Jarred Dunn posted a TikTok this week explaining why he believes that the FBI knows where Brian Laundrie is but refuse to capture him.

Dunn alleges that if they were to catch him prematurely, they would have a much harder time proving that he murdered his late girlfriend, Gabby Petito.

Laundrie has been missing for over two weeks during which time Petito's body was discovered in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, and her death was ruled a homicide.


Does the FBI know where Laundrie really is?

According to Dunn, the FBI likely has more knowledge than they're letting on and are waiting to seize the perfect moment to arrest Laundrie.

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Laundrie has now been missing for over two weeks. His parents, Christopher and Roberta Laundrie, say that he left their North Port, Florida home to on a hike to Carlton Reserve on September 14.

They later reported him missing 3 days later on the 17th, prompting a search of the Reserve that, as far as we know, has been unsuccessful.


Dunn claims the FBI are building a case against Brian Laundrie. 

“The police [are] not ready to bring him in,” Dunn says in his video. “If they screw this up — they only get one shot.”

Dunn shares that he was a police officer for years and currently works as an attorney where he’s had to track people down and defend people in court.

“The police do not have enough evidence to convict [Laundrie] of murder,” he says. “They went and got fraud charges to try to buy them some time and get the public off of their back.”

FBI Denver announced on Twitter that there was a warrant for Laundrie's arrest for the “Unauthorized Use of Access Devices” and acquiring $1,000 worth of items from Petito’s accounts.


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In terms of the case for Petito’s homicide, Laundrie remains as a person of interest and not a suspect, despite no one else being involved in the case — as either a POI or a suspect.


Before the warrant for his arrest, if they had found Laundrie they would have had no reason him to keep him in custody or charge him with anything — it would have just been a missing persons case.

The FBI do have grounds to arrest Laundrie.

Once the warrant was announced, Laundrie was no longer a free man and could be held in police custody until a case is built against him and he is tried in a court of law.

Someone in the comments brought this up as well, saying “they have no idea where this man is,” to which Dunn responded.

“What if he gets bond?” he asks. In court, a bond is when the defendant makes a promise to show up for a trial, but is released from police custody.


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If the lawyer were to file a motion for a bond, it would likely be denied if Laundrie has previously hidden from authorities.

Even if the motion did get passed, if Laundrie goes on the run again that would be another charge and once they catch him again he would be put away for longer.

There’s also the question of the amount of money and time they spent in the Carlton Reserve.

The NPPD racked up an estimated $1.2 million dollar bill in the manhunt for Brian after spending 6 days in the reserve — a fine that might be paid by the Laundries if law enforcement finds that they were misled by their information.


If they knew where Laundrie was, would this money be justified?

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During multiple interviews with the officials on the scene, they said that they weren’t wasting their time and were working based on the intelligence they were given.

It's possible that they are looking in the reserve for evidence related to Petito's death or Laundrie's alleged involvement.


This would help them build a case against Laundrie before they move towards his arrest. 

The FBI likely know more about Brian Laundrie than they're sharing with us. 

Claiming that they don’t have enough on him to convict him of the murder could also be disproven by the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) exemptions.

To the public’s understanding, Laundrie is only a person of interest and not a suspect, meaning that there is no evidence of his involvement in the case, but that’s only the information they give us.

According to the FOIA Exemption 7e, any information that “would disclose techniques and procedures for law enforcement investigations or prosecutions” does not need to be revealed to the public.


Here's hoping they are already building a strong case to get justice for Petito and her family. 

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