A Dad Is Frantically Searching For His Daughter's Lost Teddy Bear That Has A Last Recording Of Her Mom's Voice

Local community rallies to help find a lost teddy bear that is the last remaining thing a little girl has left from her late mother.

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A Tennessee father is searching and asking for help from his local community after his daughter lost a sentimental stuffed animal.

Tylor Kennedy is pleading with people to keep an eye out for his four-year-old daughter's teddy bear, which contains an important memento that is the little girl's last thing that she has of her mother. In an interview with WATE, Kennedy explained that he has been searching high and low for the bear.


His daughter's missing teddy bear has the last recording of her late mother, and now he's frantically searching for it.

While speaking to the news outlet, Kennedy explained that after the death of his four-year-old daughter's mother, one of the last things that she left behind was a special Build-a-Bear. The little girl had received the doll from her grandmother.

"Her grandma made her [a] bear with her mom's heartbeat in it," Kennedy told WATE, sharing that the sound can be heard when someone squeezes the tie-dyed rainbow bear's paw. Unfortunately, the treasured bear was accidentally mixed up in a box of donations that was dropped off at a Goodwill store in Tazewell.


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The manager of the Goodwill store believes that the bear was most likely bought by a local resident, and is probably still in the area. A sign of the missing teddy bear has since been placed around the store, which was also shared on Facebook by the local radio station WRIL.

In the post, the radio station urged anyone who has information on the missing teddy bear to message them or return it directly to the store. They explained that the teddy bear "is the only thing" the four-year-old has left of her mother, and also includes a handwritten note that she "really wants it back."


The girl's grandmother also shared a video of the actual teddy bear with the radio station so people would know what to look out for, and even played the recording of the sound the bear makes. 

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Build-A-Bear shared the story on their Facebook page, too, writing, "Let's help find this bear!" 

In an interview with PEOPLE, Cindy Dodson, a representative for Goodwill Industries-Knoxville, explained that the Goodwill staff must've had no idea how sentimental the teddy bear was, and were just in a rush to sell a Build-A-Bear, as they are a more desired item at thrift stores.


"When items come in, our staff automatically want to get them out on the floor," Dodson said. "Build-a-Bears are so recognizable. If you see a Build-a-Bear at a thrift store, a lot of people will grab it. They're one of a kind."

For now, Kennedy is asking anyone who has the bear to please turn it in and they'll even get a reward if it's dropped back off at Goodwill.

"Please, if y’all find it or see anybody that has one, just check or turn it in, and I believe that somebody will get a reward if they dropped it off. I mean I know they’ll get their money back for sure," Kennedy pleaded.


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