Man Caught On Ring Camera Trying To Lure A Little Girl To His Car — Her Mom Is Praising Her Daughter's Quick Thinking That Saved Her Life

He thought a bicycle was an offer she couldn't refuse.

Little Girl Runs Away From Man Who Tried To Lure Her To His Car TikTok

Thanks to the quick thinking of a little girl named Emmy, one family did not have to see their child join the 460,000 children that go missing every year in the U.S. alone, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

In a video shared on the "@copstv49" TikTok account, the story of the brave girl who knew right away that something wasn’t right when a "tricky man" accosted her was shared and applauded by over 42,000 viewers.


The 7-year-old girl was able to get away from the 'tricky man' when he called out to her from his car.

The clip started by saying that 7-year-old Emmy was sunbathing outside of her home in Salt Lake City, Utah, on the walkway that leads up to her porch when a green Ford Taurus pulled up on the street near her.

The driver can be heard saying, “Hello” and that immediately gets the little girl’s attention, prompting her to raise up to see who is talking to her.

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Next, the stranger asked Emmy, “Do you want a bicycle?”, a question you might expect a child her age to fall for, but she knew better. Without hesitation, she gave an emphatic “no” and ran up the stairs to the front door of her house to report the incident to her mother.


In a subsequent interview, Emmy’s mother, Michelle, is asked what she thought the intentions of the man who tried to lure her daughter with a bike were. She said, “I believe he was looking for a child to take.” She said that alarm bells went off as soon as her daughter burst through the front door with a scared look on her face.

Emmy recalled the incident saying, “I didn’t want to go with him because he was a tricky man and I didn’t know him, so I didn’t want to go with him.

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Her intuition and street smarts were a lifesaver, leading her to run to safety.

Michelle told interviewers that from an early age, she had taught Emmy and her older brother about “stranger danger.”


They were well aware of the terrifying possibilities of what could happen if a person they didn’t know had the chance to kidnap them. She is extremely grateful that her daughter knew what to do and hopes other kids will learn from Emmy’s example.

Police were searching for the suspect and don’t plan on stopping until he is in custody. People who saw the video were grateful that the little girl was safe and hoped the dangerous man would be caught.

Some also blasted Michelle for allowing Emmy to play outside without supervision. To them, teaching about the dangers of strangers wasn’t enough. She should have been watching her.

Parents have different styles and what one does may not sit well with another, but if you want to decrease the chances of your child being abducted, there are some steps you can take, according to the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services.


Always know where your little one is, never leave your child unattended, vet other parents and guardians, be aware of behavioral changes in your child, and teach them to know when something is just not right and get away fast.

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