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Man Who Grew Up In Foster Care Finds His Forever Family At 27 Years Old After Selling Them A Car

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It is never too late to find your forever family. One man in Savannah, Georgia found his at 27 years old after going through his entire life without a stable family. 

In a heartwarming video, the man asks the family if he could be one of them for the rest of his life after meeting them at his job as a salesperson. 

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The man met the family after he sold a car to them. 

In April 2021, the Wilkinson family walked onto a car lot and walked away with more than just a new vehicle. While there, they met salesperson Davon Woods, a dedicated worker with a tragic backstory. 

Woods and his twin brother were immediately thrown into foster care after they were born. Their biological mother was unaware that she was even pregnant. 

“We weighed about 2 pounds each. They said we were so small we could’ve fit in a shoebox together, and we came back positive for crack,” Woods told LoveWhatMatters. 

DSS got involved and the brothers were placed into foster care until they were two and adopted by the Woods family. 

Unfortunately, they had not reached their happy ending yet. “We had a very difficult childhood with our adoptive family,” Woods reveals. “We got physically and verbally abused, we were never given a voice, and they never once told us they loved us.” 

Their difficult upbringing resulted in the boys turning to drugs and alcohol at 11 years old to numb their reality. By the time they were 18, they were selling drugs. 

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The Woods brothers eventually moved to Georgia to escape their harsh life and have an opportunity for a fresh start, but they were not yet completely out of trouble. 

“We ended up getting involved in the gangs there,” Woods shared. “We saw people get shot in front of us. There were times we got guns drawn on us.” One day, the brothers were invited to Church, where Woods claims their lives were completely transformed. 

“Everything changed for us when we encountered God. We had always wanted to do good, but we never had direction,” he says. “God gave us that direction and transformed our lives.” 

After gaining a new sense of direction, Woods moved away from the streets and picked up different jobs. He was fortunate enough to meet the Wilkinsons while working at a car dealership, who listened to his story. 

Woods shares that they were moved to tears and he immediately felt an instant connection with this family he had just met. 

They continued to meet up in person after their first meeting. “For my birthday, they took me out to dinner, and from that day forward they adopted me into their family,” Woods says. 

After knowing them for a year and joining many of their family celebrations, he decided to ask the Wilkinsons if he could join their family officially. 

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“I just want you guys to know that you mean the world to me,” the 27-year-old said to them in an emotional video. “I never had a mother to hug me, love me or show me any affection. I never had a father to teach me different things or spend quality time with, and you all showed me the definition of family.” 

Woods asked Mr. Wilkinson if he could take his last name, which he graciously accepted. He then asked the rest of the family if he could join as one of them. 

There was not a dry eye left by the end of the video. “It was weird to be in a loving environment. I’ve never had a relationship with any parents ever, adoptive or biological,” Woods told Good News Network. “It was something I’d always wanted. I’ve always wanted to say ‘This is my family.'” 

Woods has since quit his job at the car dealership and founded Foster Kids Matter, an organization dedicated to serving foster children in Georgia. 

He and his brother hope to inspire others that it is never too late to find your forever family. 

“We refuse to sit by and do nothing while children are suffering and facing the deadly failures of this system. There is hope for a better future for them, and by any righteous means necessary, we will bring them that hope,” he says. 

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