A Daughter Says She Was 'Thrown Off' When Her Dad First Started Dating Her Lookalike But Now Embraces Her New Stepmom

Despite the backlash, the dad doesn't care that people think his wife and daughter look alike.

Tizziana Chapin, Savana Chapin, Chris Chapin TikTok / Instagram

An Arizona father has attracted a lot of attention for how similarly his daughter and wife look to each other.

Chris Chapin, 44, and his wife, Savana, attempted to defend their relationship after receiving an influx of hate and criticism for the uncanny resemblance between Savana and Chris' daughter, Tizziana. While the family seems to poke fun at the backlash, it hasn't stopped people from pointing out how odd it is.


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Chapin faced a lot of backlash for how similar his wife and daughter's appearances are.

Chris, Savana, and Tizziana first gained traction from the two women posting on their TikTok accounts' about how much they resemble each other. Both women have the same length of curly blonde hair, similar body types, and even the same sense of fashion.

Savana, 28, is only eight years older than her stepdaughter and 16 years younger than her husband. The couple first met in 2019 after Savana was hired at the hair salon, Awsum Salon, owned by Chris, a father of six.


At the time of their meeting, Savana admitted that she wasn't looking for a relationship, while Chris had recently filed for divorce from his wife. 

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"We met when I came to his salon and I interviewed there as a stylist and wasn't interested in having any kind of relationship because I just left one."


"Nor was I," Chris agreed during an episode of the YouTube show, 'Love Don’t Judge.' "Filing for divorce, my life was kind of in a tailspin."

However, as Chris and Savana spent more time together, he realized that their connection was too strong to ignore. "Once I was separated from my current situation, the more I would talk to her, be around her I felt there's something super special there that I had never really felt before."

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In the beginning, they hid their relationship from everyone, including Chris' daughter.

Tizziana, 21, also worked at the salon with Chris and Savana, though was unaware of the relationship between her dad and coworker. Savana revealed that she and Chris chose to hide their relationship for fear of judgment from other people.




"There was a big controversy between if I was a home wrecker or if [Chris had] cheated," Savana told 'Love Don't Judge' audiences, adding that others suggested Chris was taking advantage of Savana because of their age difference.

When Chris and Savana finally decided to tell Tizziana, she was a bit "thrown off" in the beginning, but after some time to get used to it, she and Savana became really close. Their bond only grew in strength after her dad and Savana tied the knot and welcomed three children of their own in addition to the two kids Chris has from his previous marriage.

Both Savana and Tizziana even started posting TikTok's of their relationship, which is where they received the most backlash for how similar they look, and how "creepy" it was that her dad married someone similar-looking to his daughter.


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"I would be traumatized if my dad married someone who looks exactly like me,” one user wrote, while another added, "Did you want to your daughter?"

Despite the constant criticism and backlash, both Chris and Savana are happy and secure in their marriage.


"They have nothing better to do with their time, they're obviously unhappy in their life," Chris said. "Why does your brain go there? Maybe something's wrong with you."

Savana agreed with her husband, adding, "We're just one big family and it doesn't matter what anybody says because we're happy and that's all that matters."

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