Married Woman Creates A Hinge Account Just So Her Cheating Ex Can See Her Wedding Photos But Gets Accused Of Being 'Obsessed'

She took her pettiness to another level.

married woman's hinge account TikTok

A woman is being ridiculed after admitting that she went above and beyond to get back at her ex-boyfriend.

In a TikTok video, Gracie, who broke up with her ex several years ago and is now married, decided that she still wanted to see how good her life has been since they broke. However, she is now being accused by people of still being "obsessed" with her ex-boyfriend.

After getting married, she created a Hinge account so her cheating ex-boyfriend could see her photos.

In the video, she received a text from one of her friends, which included a screenshot of her ex-boyfriend's new dating profile on Hinge. "I was looking on Hinge this morning and look who I saw..." the text read.


In overlay text, Gracie explained that her friend had seen her ex-boyfriend, who had "just split up with his [girlfriend] of four years," on Hinge. Replying to her friend's message, Gracie wrote, "[no] way," with two laughing emojis.

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It appears to have been of four years since she and her ex-boyfriend had been together and broke up but Gracie decided to enact a petty revenge scheme against him.


She claimed there were "some pictures of me he needed to see," as she screen-recorded herself downloading Hinge to make a profile so he would find it. "I decided to make an account."

Showing off her new dating profile, Gracie's top photo was of her in a wedding dress during the ceremony. For the first prompt, which stated, "I recently discovered that ..." Gracie wrote, "My ex became single again."

In the next photo, Gracie uploaded a black-and-white picture of her and her new husband on their wedding day, followed by another photo of her and her husband posing in front of a field. 

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For the next prompt, which said, "Worst idea I've ever had..." Gracie bluntly called out her former partner, writing "My ex." And in the final prompt, which read, "What If I told you that..." Gracie didn't hold back on that one either.

"After you cheated on me, I met the love of my life, who is now my husband."

While Gracie didn't follow up with a video on if her ex-boyfriend had even seen the hinge profile, it didn't stop people from accusing her of being "obsessed" and not able to just move on, especially after getting married.

Though she turned off the comments on the video, Gracie did leave a message for anyone who would criticize her for going to such extreme lengths to have the last laugh. "Haters posting that my ex lives in my head rent-free after this video," she wrote in overlay text. At the end of the video, Gracie added, "Without [realizing] I now live in theirs." 


While the video was presumably done in good-natured fun, it is rather common for people to feel still slighted from a past relationship despite the amount of time that has passed. If a relationship ends with some level of betrayal, like cheating in Gracie's case, the healing process can sometimes be stretched on much longer.

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"Feeling betrayed by someone whom you thought had your best interests at heart is emotionally treacherous because you feel as though you were not only betrayed but you were fooled and disrespected,“ relationship expert Alessandra Conti told Elite Daily.


However, it's important to be able to work through past relationship traumas healthily, especially before entering into your next relationship or even marriage.

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