Self-Declared 'Clingy' Girlfriend Hangs Out In Boyfriend's Car All Day While He's At Work Because She Has 'Separation Anxiety'

Some people love being close to their partners even while they're at work. Others believe it is a toxic trait.

Clingy girlfriend @18.nacy / TikTok 

Those of us who have clingy partners know all too well that we can expect multiple calls a day from them while we’re at work, inquiring when we’ll be wrapped up for the day so that they can be reunited with us again. 

However, one woman may have taken the cake for the clingiest girlfriend who takes it a step further than just spamming her boyfriend with calls and texts while he’s at work. 

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The clingy girlfriend hangs out in her boyfriend’s car while he’s at work so she can be closer to him.

Being clingy is defined as being highly close or dependent on someone for emotional support and a sense of security.  In romantic relationships, some people can be clingy toward their partner, feeling anxious every time they are away from them. 

One woman proved just how attached and clingy she is to her boyfriend after she revealed that she spends the day in his parked car while he’s at work in a TikTok video that has been viewed nearly 3 million times.



The woman named Nacy comes prepared, setting up a duvet, pillows, and stuffed animals set up in the trunk of the car so that she can sleep if she wants. 


“POV: you’re a clingy girlfriend with separation anxiety so you go to work with your boyfriend to sleep in the car,” she writes in the text overlay of her video. 

While Nacy is obviously comfortable cuddled up with her blanket and pajamas while being close to her boyfriend, other people were appalled by her behavior. 

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“Girl get a job,” one TikTok user urged. “Being this clingy is toxic,” another user commented. 

While some people may feel honored to be the recipient of endless attention from their partners, being too clingy is sometimes viewed as a toxic trait and could be damaging your relationship and yourself. 


Being clingy means that you often attribute all of your happiness to one person, putting unnecessary pressure on your partner. You always tend to neglect your own self-sufficiency and independence, which are both considered essential and attractive qualities. 

However, Nacy argues that she is not as clingy as she depicted herself to be in her controversial video.

In a follow-up post, she explained that she does in fact have her own job and only camped out in her boyfriend’s car on her day off. 

She also clears up the false narrative that she was sleeping in her boyfriend’s car and it was her own vehicle along with her own stuff.

“I have my own car, my own house, everything is mine,” Nacy shares. “I work six days a week on top of that…I shouldn’t have to explain what I do.”


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She adds that she is working on improving her separation anxiety. Other TikTok users resonated with her and confirmed that they too, sometimes tag along to work with their partners. 

“I’m a stay-at-home girlfriend at 21 years old. I would kill to sleep in my man’s car while he’s at work or hide in the ambulance station,” one user revealed. “I’m currently on my computer working in the back of his car,” another user shared. 


As long as there are healthy and established boundaries in the relationship, an occasional car sleepover to wait until your partner gets off work never hurt anyone! 

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