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Waitress Says Customer Asked Her To Have An Affair With Her, But Only Gave Her A 10% Tip

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If you work in the restaurant industry as a server, you know that good customers and tips are sometimes difficult to come across. 

One waitress received neither while working a late-night shift and decided to share her story on TikTok. 

The waitress claimed that a customer wanted to cheat on his wife and gave her his number. 

Kay Jade (@kayy_jade) works as a waitress at a nightclub. She posted a video to her TikTok account detailing one particular shift. 

“Tonight something happened to me that I just could not not post,” Jade tells viewers. 

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She reveals that during her shift, she had a table with three customers, a man by himself and another man and a woman sitting across from him. 

Jade assumed that the man and the woman seated next to each other were a couple. “They were sitting real cozy, and he has his arm around her back,” she describes. 

Jade claims that the customers were “very nice” all night and did not give her any issues until the check was dropped off at their table. 

One man had picked up the tab with his credit card, and Jade charged him before giving him a copy of the receipt to sign. 

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“I come back to pick it up, and I notice there’s some writing at the bottom of the tab,” Jade says. 

She mentions that the woman at the table was in the restroom at the time. 

“The two guys look at each other and giggle, and I don’t read what it says, I just go to the back.” 

When Jade returned to the kitchen, she realized that the writing on the check was a message that one of the male customers at her table left her. 

“It says, ‘I’m down to cheat, from 7-3 PM, she’s a teacher’ with a smiley face,” Jade claims. 

Upon further investigation, she noticed that the man had also written his phone number down. 

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However, the man had only left a 10% tip for Jade. 

“So then my next thought is, did they even tip me well?” she says. “So I go and look, it’s over $100 tab, and they tipped me $10.” 

Jade points out that she always draws a heart over the “suggested gratuity” section of her customers' tabs since many assume that nightclubs already factor gratuity into the bill. 

“So you [the man] tipped me poorly, and you want me to help you cheat on your wife or girlfriend? No, not gonna happen,” Jade says. 

She ultimately decided that she wanted to notify the woman of what her partner had done. 

However, it was difficult since the woman was seated close to him and she couldn’t slip her the tab. 

Jade waited until the woman got up to use the restroom before following her. 

“I’m like, ‘hey miss, I’m so sorry I don’t know if this is a joke or which one of them wrote it or what’s going on but I thought you should see this’ and I show her the receipt. 

The woman’s response shocked Jade. 

“She reads it, she looks up at me and she says, ‘well I’m not dating either one of them and I have to pee,” before handing Jade the receipt back and heading into the restroom. 

The situation left Jade confused. “So, you’re not dating either one of them but you’re sitting nice and cozy with that one?” she says. “I need answers.” 

TikTok users reacted to Jade’s story. 

“I thought this was gonna be a bad tip story but it's a disgusting man + bad tip. I'd do everything in my power to find that girl,” one user commented. 

“This happened to me once a guy tipped me 5$ on a 70$ tab and then left his phone number like bruhhhhh,” another waitress wrote. 

The way they think we won’t say anything though like??? I’d bring the receipt right back and read it out loud for the whole table,” another user added. 

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