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Florida Law States Brian Laundrie’s Parents Could Escape Charges In Gabby Petito Investigation

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With FBI Denver announcing Brian Laundrie’s arrest warrant for “Unauthorized Use of Access Devices,” many are trying to figure out the legal challenges his parents could face if his violation appears in court.

Christopher and Roberta Laundrie have now hit the spotlight following Gabby Petito’s death and their son’s disappearance since they were the last people to have seen Brian.

As theories circulate about the family's involvement, what they may or may not be hiding from the police and what they know about Brian Laundrie's whereabouts, questions are being raised about whether the Laundries could face charges in the investigation.

Can Brian Laundrie's parents be charged in Gabby Petito's death? 

Whether or not the Laundries can or will face prosecution largely depends on the extent of their involvement in a crime, which at the time is nothing more than an allegation.

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Laundrie's parents are not legally obligated to disclose his location.

If Chris or Roberta Laundrie do know where Brian is, there is no Florida law that requires them to disclose this information to the police, according to attorney Bryant Camareno.

“There is no obligation for anyone, a family member or a civilian to say, ‘I know where he is, Or, so and so is taking the first flight out to Mexico’” Camereno said.

"There is nothing that says they’re obligated to do so.”

Brian Laundrie's parents could face accessory charges if they covered up a crime. 

If there is evidence that shows the Laundrie helped with covering up a crime, discarding evidence, or lied to police, there are no parental protections and the family could be charged. 

According to Title 18 under the U.S. Code of Law, false statements or concealing a person from arrest after being aware of their arrest warrant could land someone up to five years in prison.

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These sentences could be charged even harder if Brian is found to be guilty of more than just federal access device fraud.

“You can’t run away, you can’t hide, that’s what has occurred here is that Brian Laundrie has totally disappeared,” justice studies professor Pamella Seay said 

“If these parents have protected their son inappropriately, they could look at anywhere from 5 to 15 years of prison or probation.”

Brian Laundrie is currently wanted on federal charges. 

According to the statement that was released by FBI Denver and the warrant released by the U.S. District court of Wyoming, Brian’s violation of the “Unauthorized Use of Access Devices” statute is a federal crime.

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Brian Laundrie violated the federal statute by accessing two of Petito's bank accounts on August 30th and aggregating items worth a value of $1,000.

Christopher and Roberta Laundrie are being closely watched. 

All eyes are on the family who have now faced an FBI raid and, possibly, police questioning.

Brian’s parents say that they haven’t seen their son since September 14, 2021, marking ten days now that he’s been missing.

As police enter their sixth day of searching for the fugitive, many are speculating that Brian could be long gone — even out of the country.

Though the FBI's continued focus on the Carlton Reserve, where Laudrie's family say he was headed to before his disappearance, suggests that they expect to find evidence soon.

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