Bride's Late Father Pens A Letter For Her Wedding Day — And Warns Her Groom He Will 'Haunt' Him If He Doesn't Treat Her Right

Even though he could not be there for his daughter's big day in person, he made sure he was there in spirit.

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When a bride’s father, unfortunately, could not be physically present on her wedding day, he ensured that he would make it there in spirit via a letter he wrote shortly before his death. 

His words left his daughter in tears, her new husband in fear and their guests laughing and crying at the same time. 

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The father penned an emotional letter to be read at his daughter’s wedding. 

In 2018, Emily Darbey married her husband at a New York wedding venue. The day was about to get even more emotional for her during the reception when her uncle took the opportunity to read aloud a letter Emily’s father, Todd Excell, had written for her in April 2001, when he was dying of cancer. He wanted the letter saved to be read on his daughter’s wedding day for her to finally hear it. 

“To my dearest daughter, Emily,” the letter begins. “You are my heart and soul, and always will be. I’m writing this letter for your wedding day, and even though I will not be there in body, I will be there in spirit. I remember when you were just starting to walk and what it would mean to walk you down the aisle on your wedding day.” 


Excell informs his daughter that she will never be alone and have a reliable forever partner once she is married who will provide for her, something he wishes he had the chance to do for her.

“You have been my sunshine on my darkest days. I want you to have the best life and love that God can give you,” the letter continues. “I am asking you and your husband to treat each other with love and respect. I hope you have children to love and cherish as I have with you.” 

The late father offers his advice to the newlyweds, including to remember to always say “I love you” to each other even through difficult times, to be themselves and never change, and to always follow their hearts when making decisions. “I love you, Emily. I know I will love your new husband. I will always be there as you walk anywhere,” Excell wrote. He also has a message for his daughter’s new husband. 


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The father warns that he will ‘haunt’ the groom if he doesn't treat her right. 

After welcoming Emily’s new husband into the family and telling him that he loves him too, he advises him to treat his daughter right even though he is not around to see it.

''I will not be able to intimidate you or ask you a million questions before you date my daughter, tell you I have a gun under my bed, or ask you why you are interested in dating my daughter, take your license plate down and the type of car you drive,” he wrote. “But what I can do is haunt you.” The bride, groom and guests erupt with laughter. 

Emily’s mother shared that she helped her bedridden husband write the letter 17 years earlier, and put it in the freezer for safekeeping. She never told her brother, who read the letter to the guests about it until that day, claiming that is what Emily’s father wanted. 


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