A Bride's Mom Won't Live To See Her Wedding Day So She Arranged A Dress Fitting To Share A Bittersweet Moment

A bittersweet moment.

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Most brides dream of having their beloved family members attending their wedding, including their father walking them down the aisle and their mother helping them prepare for their big day in the bridal suite. 

Unfortunately, unexpected circumstances can arise in life and not everyone you hoped would be at your wedding will be able to attend. 

This is the reality one bride-to-be is facing after her mother was diagnosed with cancer and will most likely not be able to see her daughter get married. 


Luckily, she ensured that her mother would still get the chance to see her in her dress even if she did not make it to the ceremony. 

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The woman arranged a dress fitting with her dying mother so that she could see her daughter in her wedding dress ahead of the big day. 

Social media influencer Tahlia Heath got engaged to her boyfriend, Jarrad, on Christmas Eve 2022. 

While the Australian couple shared their excitement with family and friends, Tahlia couldn’t help but feel heartbroken for her mother, who was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia and will most likely not make it to see their wedding. 


Still wanting to include her mother in every festivity leading up to the wedding possible, the bride-to-be scheduled an appointment at a bridal shop so that her mother would have the opportunity to see what she would look like on her wedding day. 

In a TikTok video that has been viewed over 21 million times and received over 5 million likes, Tahlia models a wedding dress in front of her mother, who takes a few moments to armoire the dress and her daughter. 

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“POV: Your mum isn’t going to see you on your wedding day…” Tahlia wrote in the text overlay of the video. 


The future bride is in tears as her mother helps her adjust her veil. 

TikTok users were deeply moved by Tahlia’s video. 

“Sending so much love. I’m so sorry Tahlia,” one user commented. 

“Dear Lord please let this beautiful woman be with her beautiful daughter on her special day,” another user wrote. 

“Sobbing - this is so tragically beautiful,” another user added. 

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Others encouraged Tahlia to move up the wedding or to have a separate one specifically for her mother so that she could be there. 

“Just have a small wedding before the big one or just a ceremony for her so she doesn’t need to wait for the big wedding day,” one user suggested. 


“If I were you I’d do a small ceremony just for her so she got to see you get “married,” another user recommended. 

“That day would have been my wedding day,” another user shared. 

Although Tahlia’s mother may not be physically at her daughter’s wedding, other users reminded her that she would still be there in some way. 


“Oh honey yes she will be there…she’ll be right beside you in the spirit your mama will never leave you,” one user assured her. 

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