Woman Receives 25th Anniversary Gift From Husband 10 Months After His Death

Photo: facebook / aly mendoza
Woman Receives 25th Anniversary Gift From Husband 10 Months After His Death

One of the toughest days to go through after losing a spouse is your wedding anniversary.

However, that doesn't always have to be the case, as Facebook user Aly Mendoza revealed when she posted about the anniversary gift her father left for her mother 10 months after his death.

On June 10, 2020, Mendoza shared a Facebook post describing her late father's grand gesture that happened three weeks prior. 

Mendoza wrote about receiving an email from her father, Bing, that had been scheduled to deliver on that day. She described feeling scared to open it because her father had passed away 10 months prior and the email came through at 3:00 am. So, she did not open it.

Two days later, however, as curiosity got the best of her, she decided to open the email and see what it was about. 

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In this email, Mendoza's father left instructions for her to help carry out his and her mother's 25th-anniversary celebration since he was not well. 

He contacted the florist to deliver her flowers on each special occasion, such as her birthday, Valentine's Day, and their anniversary. 

The letter reads: 

Alyssa, follow my instruction in this e-mail completely and carefully. I am sending you in the off chance that I'm not in my right mind or worse, gone. I hope not. 


1. I have contacted a florist from ... She has instructions to contact you every 10th of June, Valentine's Day, and 19th of August for the coming years to give you details for flowers that I have paid for, for Mommy. The florist's name is ... In the off chance that she is unable to contact you, here are my Facebook details. Contact her, introduce yourself, and tell her you're the daughter of Bing Mendoza, she should know what to do. 

2. Ask Mommy what she wants to eat and make a reservation for the three of us. If she says whatever you want, force her to pick. Hopefully, I'll be able to drive already this time next year otherwise, you will so PRACTICE. 

3. If I'm still in this condition and I pray not, knowing your mom she'll say just order food and have it delivered. Make sure you get exactly what she wants. Try to look for some decorations. 

4. Ask me for money so that she can go to the salon and dow whatever she does there on weekends. 

5. Print the following message in case ... is unable to add this to the flowers. 

6. Be good and Behave. Don't do anything stupid. 

Follow all these instructions. Thank you. I love you, baby.


He also left in the message a letter to his wife to tell her that everything is going to be OK, which was exactly what she needed to hear at that moment. 

He knew his wife loved white roses because when they were dating, she would say that whoever gives her white roses would be the one. So, the flowers he arranged for her were white roses and pink roses because she also loved those. 

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Mendoza and a friend started at 11:00 pm the night before the anniversary date and worked through the night until 5:30 am to get everything set up just right before her mother woke up. 

She wrote that all her hard work and lack of sleep was worth it to see the joy on her mom's face. 

Her mom was so happy even when she was crying because of how much she still loves him and knowing he went through all the trouble to make this day happen for her made her love him even more than she ever thought possible. 

Bing wanted to make sure his wife felt how much he loved her. 

This letter shows that even though they are not together in this world anymore, he still can surprise and make his wife happy. He wouldn't even let death keep him from showing her his love. 

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