Bride Reveals How She Almost Ended Up With Rabies After A Catastrophe On Her Wedding Day

What a chaotic day.

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A couple on TikTok are finding the humor in what can only be described as a traumatic wedding day.

TikToker, Katie Lounsberry posted a video where her husband and she are seen playing the ‘put your finger down’ game. 

It’s a game where one person relays a situation or an activity and if the other person has done it, they have to put their finger down. 

But, putting a humorous spin on the trend, the two shared a story that we can probably assume has happened to no one else in the world apart from them!


The woman revealed she was bitten by a bat on her wedding day.

Lounsberry started her story, “Put a finger down if, the day before your wedding, you go to your rehearsal and you run through it one time, and everything goes fine, and then, because you're a type A person and you want everything to be perfect, you say, 'No, let's run through it again.'...”

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As she had been waiting outside the venue to enter again, she felt a pain in her foot. She looked down to see a bat on the ground and her foot was bleeding. 


Lounsberry’s husband continues, “Whoa, and keep that finger down if your father-in-law-to-be comes out and looks over the promenade and says, 'Your bride's been bitten by a bat,' and everyone laughs and thinks, 'Ha, what are you talking about? What a weird joke’”

However, after the bride came toward them, everyone knew it was the truth. The couple then planned to go to urgent care, however, they didn’t have the rabies vaccine so, they went to the ER.

When they reach the ER, they find out that their wait period could be 3-5 hours as this was during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Lounsberry tried to be patient but was panicking and bawling as she was terrified of getting rabies in the time she had to wait. 


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Lounsberry continues, “...then your vendors are calling you while you’re bawling and they’re thinking, ‘oh my god! The wedding’s off. What’s happening? Is everything okay?’ and you’re just like, ‘no, I just got bit by a bat and I’m in the waiting room in the ER.’”

After what seemed like a long time, the triage nurse came and directed them toward a room. At that moment, Lounsberry had to decide if she wanted to get tested the bat rabies or just get the vaccine — which would cost $10,000.

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Because no labs were open to test the bat and the couple would be leaving for their honeymoon to Thailand soon, she was forced to get the vaccine.

Since the rabies vaccine was a four-series shot, Lounsberry’s husband needed to give her the remaining three while they were on their honeymoon.

The story continues, “Then keep a finger down if you have to figure out how to get the shots that have to be refrigerated all the way to Thailand for your honeymoon trip.”

Eventually, they figured it out and got the vaccines through airport security in the US and Hong Kong. 


“But you only have 30 minutes to get to your gate and you have to get the rabies shot, the second rabies shot at that time. So you run through the airport and have to find a family bathroom for Kevin to give the rabies shot,” Lounsberry explained.

Somehow, they managed everything and made it to their flight on time and reached Thailand safely. 

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