Bride Seeks Advice After Friend Was Upset She Spent All Her Wedding Day With Her Husband

This friend needs a reality check.

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Everyone enjoys watching the newlyweds together on their wedding day, however, this woman's friend is upset that she was spending too much time with her groom on their big day.

The bride shared her story on the British website, “Mumsnet” — an internet forum where parents can share their personal issues and seek from other parents. 

But it wasn't a parenting issue that was affecting this user. 


The bride’s friend was upset that she was spending time with her groom and didn’t acknowledge him.

Her friend wanted her complete attention even on her wedding day — which, as I'm sure you know, is not typically what happens at a wedding.

Needless to say, things didn’t go as planned and the friend was upset with the bride. 

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“She appeared in a bad mood, implied I wasn’t spending enough time with her and other members of her particular friend group (it was my wedding day! I was a little busy!)”


Additionally, the friend decided that since the bride wasn’t giving them attention, she would also not give the couple much attention.

“Worst of all she didn’t acknowledge DH [dear husband] even when he was stood right next to me and DF [dear friend] blanked DH. I did not see the blanking incident but I acknowledge DF was acting rudely the rest of the day,” the woman wrote.

The bride’s friend and husband didn’t get along in the past.

The wedding incident wasn’t an isolated incident. Her friend and husband had trouble getting along with each other in the past. 

Before the wedding, the couple had been contemplating whether they should even invite this friend to the wedding. 


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“I was one of her bridesmaids so it felt very nasty to not invite her or just invite her to the evening for example but I wanted DH to feel comfortable on the day,” she wrote.

Her husband-to-be understood his fiancee's dilemma and decided to put aside his own opinion in order to give the friend a chance, which he probably regrets now!

“Unfortunately on the day, DF did not behave as I would have expected.”

The woman’s husband didn’t appreciate her friend’s behavior at their wedding. He also insisted that the woman cut all ties with her friend. While the woman understands him, she's having trouble turning her back on a friend.


“I have been friends with DF for many many years and it would feel wrong to end the friendship,” she writes wrote. 

“Also, DF is linked to other friends and family so it would make it very difficult for me to partake in particular hobbies and would make things awkward with around 10 other friends and family,” she adds.

Internet users also criticized the woman’s friend.

Everyone thought that the woman’s friend had been wrong at the wedding and agreed with her husband.


One user wrote, “You need to find a middle ground - back away from spending time one-to-one with her, but be civil in a wider group.”

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