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Bride Kneels In Front Of Her Groom Vowing To ‘Be A Submissive Wife’ To Him On Their Wedding Day

Photo: Twitter
Bride kneeling in front of groom on wedding day

A bride has gone viral after reciting her vows to her new husband, telling him that she would always be "submissive" to him in their marriage.

In a video that was uploaded to Twitter, and has since circulated on other social media platforms, the bride was criticized for how and what was said in the vows she proclaimed to the groom.

She kneeled in front of her husband on their wedding day and vowed to always be a 'submissive wife' to him.

The video, which has attracted over 3 million views, starts as the bride gets down on her knees in front of her husband as one of the bridesmaids holds a microphone in front of her so the crowd can hear what she has to say.

"I will become that woman that builds the home as I follow you, as you follow Christ," the bride proudly stated to the groom. "That is the only thing that we will do in our household. I promise and I vow that in heaven they hear, and on Earth [I] declare and decree, I shall be a submissive wife onto you."

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The bride continued, adding that as she and her husband continue to live their lives throughout their marriage, she will always do "the work of God."

"Because to us, this is beyond just love, this is about God. This is about Kingdom. This is about our duty, reflecting the world what true marriage [and] what God really intended for marriage to be." As the bride recites her vows, her husband is seen looking down at her, nodding his head, and smiling, seemingly in agreement with her vows.

"I honor you, Miles," she adds with a smile, appearing to get choked up as she nears the end of her vows. "And I love you with my all. With all my heart." As she finishes, the guests begin to clap and whistle in appreciation, while her husband continues to stand there.

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People were left flabbergasted at the bride choosing to kneel in front of her husband at their wedding.

The video instantly attracted a lot of discourse, with many people shocked and confused about why the bride decided to not only declare herself as a "submissive wife," but to do it kneeling as well.

"The kneeling isn't necessary," one Twitter user wrote in the replies underneath the video. Another user added that the groom should've also kneeled, writing, "The guy should have knelt too 'cause if a woman is going to pour her all into loving you, you should meet her halfway."

"What? She builds the home, then what [does] he do?" a third user questioned. "Sit there and look pretty?"

A fourth user wrote, "The ick is real. That fact that he's nodding makes me scared."

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