Groom 'Goes Against Tradition' During His Wedding To Speak Directly To His Bride's Daughter

"Not only today did I marry your mom, but I accepted you as my daughter."

groom saying his vows to his stepdaughter TikTok

During his wedding, a groom decided to stray away from tradition and spoke directly to his bride's daughter in a heartwarming speech caught on video.

In a TikTok video, to close out his wedding, a groom prepared a speech that he wanted to say directly to his stepdaughter, and the moment was incredibly sweet and touching.

The groom decided to go 'against tradition' and recite vows directly to his bride's daughter.

"When the groom not only marries the bride," was written in overlay text at the start of the video. After reciting his vows to his new wife, the groom proved that he was not only going to be a good husband, but also a good stepfather.


"Thank you all for coming," he told the room of wedding guests. "There's one last thing, it's not really a tradition. It's not really something that goes within the Catholic church or normal weddings."

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He then goes toward his bride's daughter, lifting her up and telling her to come toward the front of the stage. He kneels before her, taking her hands in his, while her mother stands behind them, wiping away her tears at the emotional moment.


"Not only today did I marry your mom, but I accepted you as my daughter," the groom says, his voice shaking with emotion. "I promise to always take care of you."

He presented his stepdaughter with a ring that would serve as his "commitment" to her that he would "always be there" for her as a father. "I know you've been wanting to call me dad for a long time, and just recently we said it's okay."

With a huge smile on her face, the bride and little girl's mom appears elated at the vows being recited.

"I promise to care for you," he continued. "Make sure no boys steal your hearts. And I got all those guys over there to take care of you too," he added, pointing to the line of groomsmen standing off-screen.


"No one's going to mess with you. You're all mine, just like your mom's all mine. I love you a lot." The little girl and groom both embrace as the room of wedding guests erupts into applause. 

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In the comments section, TikTok users praised the groom for incorporating his stepdaughter in the wedding.

"She will remember this day for the rest of her life," one user wrote.

Another user agreed, writing about her own experience of her stepfather doing the same thing when he married her mom. "My stepdad did this for my sister and I at their wedding. He gave us a ring. He passed away six months later. I built his ring into my wedding ring."


"You can tell he was the happiest man alive that day," a third user pointed out, while a fourth user wrote, "I bet you had the whole church crying like me. You will be a positive person in her life."

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