Bride Appears Jealous Of Her Husband Dancing With Another Girl At Their Wedding—Who Is Supposedly His Daughter

Without full context, people were quick to jump on the bride for her reaction to her husband dancing with the young girl.

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A bride is currently facing the wrath of the internet after a viral video saw her in a vulnerable state at her wedding. The video was reposted to Twitter and has received over 2.7 million views and thousands upon thousands of “Quote Retweets” from people who wanted to criticize her.

The short, 9-second video shows the bride, Sara Alwari, at her wedding with her husband, Ghaith Marwan, and a secret, third person who seems to have drawn Sara’s ire.


People are criticizing the bride for being jealous of her husband dancing with another girl at their wedding.

The original tweet posted to Twitter has been deleted but claimed that the story behind the video was that the bride and groom were at their wedding, but the husband was dancing with the young girl they claimed to be his daughter, and so she got “jealous.” The bride’s face is one of clear disgust or anger — some kind of “upset” emotion.

Once the original was deleted, a second repost became the central hub for all of the people that wanted to comment on the matter and instantly turned into a large discourse on the woman’s behavior, without full context behind the situation.


“Women like this disgust me and that’s his wife [imagine] having a baby mother like this,” one person wrote in their post. “Now this is not it… anyone who is jealous of a literal child getting attention for a minute is a hazard to society,” wrote another. “I don’t trust ppl that don’t like children,” claimed a third.

But not everyone was filled with vitriol, and some actually defended the woman because truthfully, there isn’t a lot of context. 


One person wrote “I feel like the worst part of being a woman in the digital age is that if you aren't smiling & bubbly 24/7 everyone assumes you're a horrid bi--h bc of a 10-second video that gets sent to millions of strangers online to judge your behavior.

Like ‘oh she'd be a bad mother’ f--k off.” Someone else said “Y'all made up a whole scenario over a 10-second clip. Women can't do anything.”

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The couple are famous bloggers from Dubai, and the little girl is not their child.

Ghaith has over 5.8 million followers on Instagram, where he posted a video montage of moments from his wedding just three days ago on May 9, 2023. He also has a YouTube channel where he posted a vlog-type video for their wedding. Sara is also famous with over 2.4 million followers.


Thanks to a quick search through Ghaith’s videos, we were able to figure out that the young girl in the video is Zeina, the daughter of his friend Amro. She infrequently makes it into his videos and they fool around and have fun together, so it would actually be easier to assume that the video everyone is yelling about on Twitter is actually just a joke.

“This is very obviously a joke [because] why would she feel some type of way over that let’s be [for real],” someone wrote, and it’s true, why would she be?


Everyone labeled the woman jealous and attention-seeking and some even said mean things like the man should “refund” her, but no one actually knows the full story behind the video.

The more important thing that people should be criticizing is why their initial reaction was to insult the woman for a short, 10-second clip we all saw on the internet.

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