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Bride Humiliates Wedding Guests Who Misbehaved At Her Wedding By Exposing Why They No Longer Speak

Photo: TikTok
Bride explaining her story, bride's wedding photo

A bride on TikTok is not holding back after having a difficult experience with several of her guests at her wedding.

The bride decided to name and shame which guests had wronged her.

The bride shared videos detailing her guest's bad behavior at her wedding.

The videos have since gone viral, reaching over a million views and getting the reactions of people in over one thousand comments.



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The video, which is based on a trend that links song lyrics to people in your life, included eight guests, some of whom she gave sweet compliments to.

But, for those who didn't get the best feedback, she decided to make additional videos explaining how the guests had wronged her.

One guest, the bride claimed, "complained about everything in the build-up to the wedding. Sulked all day and then we never heard from her again.”



She says the woman had been a groomsmaid for the wedding — the couple had mixed-gender bridal parties.

She had been a bit hard to handle for the bride as she frequently complained about a lot even before the wedding.

One of the things she had a problem with was her dress for the wedding as she felt it didn’t look good on her and complained about it the entire time.

“On the day, we were getting hair and makeup done. She told me to ‘calm down’ because I was too excited…and I couldn’t believe her attitude,” the bride explained.

Another guest got called out for hooking up with two bridesmaids the night before the wedding.

He was one of the groomsmen for the bride’s husband and decided to make things pretty awkward by making moves on two bridesmaids.

However, it seems the bride doesn’t have any bad blood with him as they are still friends — hopefully, the lucky bridesmaids feel the same way!

Another groomsman made things equally awkward by trying to bring a stranger to the bride as his plus one.

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“He tried to bring a girl he’d just started dating," the bride said.

The couple had a small wedding and only wanted their close family and friends to be there so the bride wanted to make sure that the man's girlfriend wasn't just a random girl.

“He flirted with the bridesmaids on the day. Sulked because none of them were interested in him and then we find out months later, he broke up with the girl,” the TikToker added.

Another bridesmaid ghosted the bride not long after the wedding.

The bride was left somewhat heartbroken when a woman she considered to be like a sister to her gave up on their friendship after her big day.

The bride claimed that the two have been friends for years and have had their ups and downs so something must have happened for her friend to block her from social media.

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“I’m still grieving that friendship because I loved her so much and I probably did something really selfish so she put her foot down and deleted me,” she stated.

Another former friend has been cut off because of her bigotry.

This bridesmaid has come under the bride’s radar numerous times for saying problematic things, but since she was a dear friend to her, the TikToker often ignored it.

“She slid into my DMs recently and basically was saying that the rainbow flag was a trend and a fad and all these other homophobic stuff," the bride explained. "In the past, she’s also said some things that are so racist.”

But this particular incident was a bit too much for her to handle and she cut her friend off from her life.

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