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Internet Detectives Are Pointing Out Brian Laundrie’s 'Duck-Footed' Walk That Could Be Used To Identify Him

Photo: Moab Police Department / Facebook
Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito

As we enter the third week of the search for Brian Laundrie, there have been dozens of spottings of Laundrie ‘lookalikes’ across the US.

Right now, he is the only person of interest in the case of Gabby Petito’s homicide after he returned home from their couple's road trip in early September, shortly before her body was found in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.

He is also the subject of a federal arrest warrant for unauthorized use of a debit card that is presumed to have belonged to Petito.

Internet sleuths have found a new way to identify Brian Laundrie — by his walk

In a TikTok posted by ‘mandy_48_’ a day ago, the caption says “Brian Laundrie could be identified by the way he walks with a song playing over the video.

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The video is a closer inspection of the body cam footage from the domestic incident that occurred in Moab, Utah on August 12th, 2021.

When Laundrie steps out of the vehicle to get questioned by the police, he walks up to the camera and the TikToker zooms in on his feet.

Laundrie walks with his feet pointed out — this is called duck-footed, slue-footed, etc. 

Most alleged sightings of Laundrie have identified him only by his beard or baldness — features that can be easily disguised — his walk, however, may be more distinguishable. 

According to Healthline, being duck-footed isn’t very uncommon and most kids outgrow the awkward walk by the age of 8, but some adults could develop it due to injury or poor posture.

However, there may be a simple explanation for Laundrie's walk in the clip.  Some people say noted that the weird walk could have been because his slippers were breaking or on the verge.

“I think his flip flop is [broken],” says one user.

Someone replied, “Kinda what I was thinking too. Walking like he is about to lose his shoe.”

This wouldn’t be the first time someone brought up Laundrie’s feet.

Michael Ruiz, a reporter for Fox News Digital who joined Dog the Bounty Hunter on his search for Laundrie, posted images on Twitter of bare footprints suspected to be Laundrie’s.

However, the footprints could have been anyone’s as the Egmont Key beach is packed on weekends and anyone could have left them, but that didn’t stop people from drawing comparisons.

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Internet sleuths have grabbed plenty of photos from Laundrie’s ill-fated trip with Petito and have tried to compare them with the footprints and sandals that were discarded at the scene.

Laundrie sightings have been reported everywhere, and people are looking for anything that might separate him from the thousands of bald, bearded white men in the country, including this video of his walk.

There have been two sightings recently, one in Peachtree City, Georgia, and the other near Waterville Road along the North Carolina/Tennessee border.

Both of these sightings corroborate the belief that he’s somewhere along the Appalachian Trail, a place he had been reported to live for months.

SKYline news recently reported that they believe he has a means of transportation in a Hyundai Sonata, but others have reported that he is in a pick-up truck.

Wherever he may be, all leads have so far fallen short. Entering the third week there seems to be a small amount to work with, but it all falls into the FBI’s hands as they focus their search efforts on intelligence and less on manpower.

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