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Brian Laundrie ‘Lookalike’ Spotted Outside Atlanta, Georgia — Placing Him On Track To The Appalachian Trail

Photo: YouTube / Facebook
Brian Laundrie Georgia Sighting

Developments in the nationwide search for Brian Laundrie have slowed substantially as he remains missing.

Laundrie is wanted for taking $1,000 from an account assumed to be owned by Gabby Petito, his late girlfriend who was killed in Wyoming in late August — he remains the only person of interest in that case with no other suspects.

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Facebook user Jennifer Kahtz believes she spotted him over the weekend near Peachtree City, Georgia after she saw a man come out of the woods looking suspicious.

Is Brian Laundrie in Peachtree City, Georgia?

"This guy came out of the woods which tells me he's not aware of golf cart trails or he's hiding,” said her post this weekend.

 Credit: Facebook

Peachtree City is less than an hour away from Atlanta, GA, which is near to the most southern point on the Appalachian Trail.

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It has been widely suspected that Laundrie, who is familiar with the trail, may be hiding out somewhere along it.  

“It's cloudy and he has sunglasses,” Kahtz writes. “He kept staring at me like he's on the run and he went around McDonald's back into the wooded area. Is this Brian Laundrie?"

Brian Laundrie may have come to Peachtree City from the Appalachian Trail.

Kahtz's alleged sighting aligns with another possible sighting by a hiker, Dennis Davis, at the border of North Carolina and Tennesse. 

Davis claims to have encountered Laundrie in a pickup truck near Pigeon River and says he asked him for directions to California

Some have pointed out that there is a California in Georgia. If someone was driving from Pigeon River to Peachtree City, they would pass nearby California, Georgia. 

Brian Laundrie 'sightings' are becoming less convincing. 

While this is very suspicious activity, it’s hardly substantial evidence. There have been many Laundrie ‘sightings’ that end up just being men with a balding head and a beard — which happens to be the appearance of many, many men.

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But people brought their theories to Twitter and believe that this sighting really is him, pointing out several features of the missing fugitive and lining them up with this mystery man.

Twitter user Kyra Weger (@klynneweger) writes, “Peep the really hairy arms like in the body cam footage!!”

So while “bald man with beard” isn’t the most damning evidence, these more unique physical features could give us a deeper look at this specific sighting, but other people are skeptical.

“Every picture of "Brian" is taken from a side-view and from far away,” says Tyler (@Tyler199x). “Never getting a good look at the face.”

If Laundrie is on the run, he has so far managed to avoid law enforcement considering he hasn’t been found yet and we are entering the third week of his search.

The North Port Police Department spent more than a week in the Carlton Reserve not far from his home in North Port, FL after reports from his parents that he went there to go on a hike.

After spending an estimated $1.2 million on the search, the FBI took over and people are wondering if the parents would see charges for misleading the police or accessory once they find Laundrie.

Last week, SKYline News reported that they had found Laundrie in New Bern, NC while Dog the Bounty Hunter had been searching for him in Boone, NC.

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