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Boy Cries After Seeing His Formerly Single Mom In Her Wedding Dress — 'I'm So Happy For You'

Photo: @lisamc40/TikTok
boy and his mom embracing on her wedding day

Weddings are a special occasion for everyone involved, especially a kid whose mom has found love again and is happy. One sweet young man was overcome with intense emotions when he saw his mom, who he was about to walk down the aisle in her wedding dress.

In a short video shared by TikToker, “@lisamc40” the boy, dressed in a pristine off-white suit, walks down a hallway and turned the corner. Once he sees his mother standing there in a beautiful white wedding dress with a lace top and plunging neckline, he is caught off guard by her beauty.

The boy is overcome by emotion as he sees his single mom in a wedding dress for the first time.

Photo: TikTok

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Noticing the emotion on his face, the attentive mom greets him with a “Hi” and a smile, but her look suddenly turned to concern when she saw tears welling up in his eyes. She asked if he was ready to escort his mother down the aisle, he could no longer hold back and started to his tears flow.

He went in for a hug and his mom embraced him, cradling the sides of his head. She asked why he was crying, asking, “Happy tears?” He nodded his head up and down, but his mother, still worried said, “You promise?”

Photo: TikTok

It was then that he spoke through whimpers and said, “I’m so happy for you.” According to the narrator, the mature young man said he and his mom had “went through a lot together” when she raised him as a single mother.

The tender moment was a definite tear-jerker and a testament to the sacrifices moms make when left to rear children on their own. Single mothering can be a result of the relationship not working out or a woman deciding she is tired of accepting the bare minimum from her partner and opting to go it alone.

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Even then, some women struggle to feed their kids, are forced to make up excuses for absent fathers, and even try to make up for the dad’s shortcomings in creative and controversial ways.  

The bond between mother and son is hard to explain and only those that have been in one of those relationships know how unbreakable it is. Psychologist, Carl Jung, attributes it to opposing masculine and feminine energies that balance and magnify one another.

Studies show that boys’ fetal DNA cells pass through the blood-brain barrier and live in the mother’s brain throughout her life. The study examined the post-mortem brains of 59 women and found that 63% had male fetal DNA in their brains that could only have come from their sons. So, the mother-son connection is much deeper than anyone could ever have imagined.

This mom is a great example of someone who has single-handedly raised an emotionally intelligent son, something that is vital with over 15 million children living with an unmarried mothers as of 2022. Some say that a woman can’t raise a man, but this dedicated mom has obviously disproven that theory.

Nevertheless, there are things you can do to help your son grow up to be a well-adjusted man. Trust your motherly instinct, don’t feel pressured to give him ‘tough love’ and instead love and nurture him, ask questions and listen, don’t talk bad about his dad, and demand respect at all times. Ending up a single mom is not a death sentence. You can end up with a loving, compassionate, and caring kid who will see great success in life.

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