Woman Says That There Are So Many ‘Single Moms’ Now Because They Are Done ‘Accepting The Bare Minimum’

More mothers would rather be alone and raise their children then be in a relationship with a partner who doesn't offer to help out around the house.

TikToker explains why more women are becoming single mothers TikTok

According to data acquired by CNBC, 53% of parents say that the mother is the primary caregiver in their home. Since so many mothers, especially working mothers, are the ones doing most of the work, they are also more likely to experience burnout.

It's no wonder that more women are turning to single motherhood because of it, a point that was brought up in a video by TikTok user Raela, who pointed out that many women are sick of being the main providers in their families.


She explained that more women are becoming single mothers because they are tired of 'accepting the bare minimum.'

In Raela's video, she revealed why more women are starting to leave their partners and are happier becoming single mothers.

"You wonder why the divorce rate [is] so high? You wonder why there are so many women in their twenties, thirties, [and] forties that are not in relationships or are not getting married?"

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She continued, posing the question of why people think so many women just aren't planning on settling down, or why there are so many single mothers in the world right now. The answer is incredibly easy, according to Raela.


"Women are not accepting the bare minimum," she stressed. "If you want to be a partner, please be a partner. If you want to be in a relationship, please give benefit to someone." Raela pointed out that she is fine paying her own bills, making her own food, and raising her own children without needing someone else.

"I understand that you're tired at the end of a workday, but so am I," she continued. "But guess what, someone has to do the laundry, someone has to make dinner, someone has to watch the kids. If you're not going to do that with someone, then just don't do it."

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Studies have shown that women are the main caretakers in a household.

Raela's take on the rise of single mothers seems to hold true, especially when looking at the number of women who are shouldering more of the responsibilities in their households. According to the Pew Research Center, 41% of married or cohabiting parents say that mothers in their homes take on most of the chores and other necessities, compared with just 8% who say the father does more. 


Interestingly enough, a mother's role in a household increases even more if she is the one making more money than her husband. “Married couples that fail to replicate the traditional division of income may be perceived – both by themselves and others – to be deviating from the norm," explained study author Dr. Joanna Syrda in a press release.

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"What may be happening is that, when men earn less than women, couples neutralize this by increasing traditionality through housework – in other words, wives do more and husbands do less as they try to offset this ‘abnormal’ situation by leaning into other conventional gender norms."


Because of all of these factors, according to Johns Hopkins researchers, there has been a significant drop in marriage rates overall among young people in the United States, and an overall acceptance of having children outside of a “traditional” heterosexual, first marriage.

It's important to remember that becoming a single mother is a significant responsibility, and women who choose this path often carefully consider their decision and the potential challenges they may face. Support from friends, family, and their community can play a crucial role in their journey.

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