Woman Shares The Video That Changed Her Mind About Divorcing Her Husband

There was still hope for them.

Caitlin Fladager, tiktok @caitlinfladager / TikTok

A woman on TikTok revealed that she was on the brink of divorcing her husband until one video changed her mind. 

Caitlin Fladager (@caitlnfladager) from Canada believed that her relationship with her husband, Noah, was damaged beyond repair and that their marriage was doomed.

The two had grown apart emotionally throughout their marriage, and Caitlin assumed that they would soon call it quits. 

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Then she saw a video of her family celebrating their son’s birthday that changed everything.

Seeing how her husband looked at her in the video stopped her from filing for divorce.

In the video, Caitlin and Noah are on either side of their son who sits in front of a birthday cake with lit candles. 

As Caitlin momentarily tends to the young boy before he blows out the candles, Noah glances up at his wife. “I could see the love for me all over his face,” Caitlin said. 



“My husband and I were so close to a divorce and I thought there was no hope,” she wrote in a text post over the video. “Until I saw this video I had taken of us.” 


The video has been viewed over 21 million times. 

Caitlin knew the exact moment she saw the adoration in her husband’s eyes when he looked at her that their marriage still had a fighting chance, and all of the love was still there. 

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Other TikTok users were deeply moved by the video. “That stare is screaming how much he adores you. Tears rolling down my face watching this. All girls dream for that look,” one user wrote. 

“Aww that made me tear up, he definitely loves you!” another user commented. “Nobody is perfect but you stick it out.” 

Caitlin and Noah met when they were 15 and were high-school sweethearts. They are now both 28 with two children, Arianna, 9, and Jack, seven. They are still married to this day. 




According to divorce statistics, nearly 50% of all marriages end in divorce. 75% of divorces occur due to a lack of commitment from one or both partners. 

A marriage is unable to flourish if the effort is not being made and your partner’s needs are not being met.


A few ways to improve your marriage if you want it to last include communication and active listening, building trust, and setting aside time for the two of you to connect as a couple

As we learned from Caitlin’s viral video, not all hope is diminished when a marriage encounters hurdles. 

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