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Man Complains That His Girlfriend Won't Take A Picture Of Him Fishing But He Has To Take Photos Of Her Outfits

Photo: TikTok
Man fishing

Relationships are never easy, especially when one person is into something completely different than the other person. 

One man took to TikTok to highlight such a dilemma. 

While on a fishing trip together, a boyfriend recorded a brief spat with his girlfriend when she reluctantly agreed to take his photo.

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He pointed out that if he has to take her outfit photos, she should take his picture too.

“My girlfriend was mad at me for making her fish for 8 hours,” a caption said after appearing at the start of the video. 

The boyfriend, excited over catching a very large bass, hurriedly called for his girlfriend to come over and take photos of him with his catch. But his girlfriend wasn’t having it. 

“No, I already took one,” she said, paddling away from him while on her phone. 

“Can you take another, please?” he asks, while she insists she can’t because she “doesn’t have any battery” left. 

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While he doesn’t say anything in the moment, a caption appears over the video complaining that he has to take “1,000 pictures” of her outfits. 

She relents and starts to take photos of him but the boyfriend insists that she gets closer. 

“Get closer, get closer,” he pleads. “This is a huge bass, I haven’t caught a fish this big in awhile.”

While he continues to plead with her, she complains that she’s “doing her best” and is already taking the photo, only relenting to move closer because he continues to ask her. 

“Can you like take a video?” he asks, which gets her even more upset. 

“I have like no battery, I cannot,” she complains. 

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Users in the comments were not happy.

Of course, while many of these comments are just jokes, it seemed like a lot of men were hurt for the boyfriend. 

“Oh I feel bad for him,” one girlfriend wrote. “I take so many pics and videos for my man with them good angles.”

Others joked that they needed to break up and that “if she doesn’t like to fish, she ain’t the one.”

But others were more sympathetic towards the girlfriend. 

“All these dudes telling him to break up clearly don't have girlfriends,” one user wrote. “She's been out there for 8 hours. It's not like she left and called an Uber.” 

“8 hours?! I can see her frustration,” another user wrote. “Catching fish and then putting it back is like going to a casino with $1 dollar and expecting to win a jackpot.”

However, the girlfriend found the video funny herself, even commenting below poking fun at her boyfriend. 

“Where is the good footage of me taking all the pictures?” she said. “My whole camera roll is your fishing pictures.”

While it’s important to support your partner in their hobbies and share in their joy, it’s equally important to recognize a partner’s limits. 

Let’s be real: not everybody finds enjoyment in sitting in a boat for 8 hours in the hopes of catching a huge bass. 

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