Woman Claims That She'd Be More Inclined To Cover Coworkers' Shifts If They Were 'Honest' Instead Of Making Up Excuses

Honesty is the best coworker policy.

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If you've ever had to work some kind of job in retail, food service, or some other behind-the-counter establishment, you know all about the politics that happens behind the scenes.

You have likely experienced the dreaded group chat text — or even an in-person conversation — asking for someone to cover their shift.

When you ask for time off or request that someone cover your shift, you’re likely going to have to explain why you can’t come in on that day, but one woman believes that if people told the truth about their reason, people would be more likely to cover.


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She believes coworkers should be more honest when they’re asking someone to cover their shift.

“When coworkers ask me to pick up their shift or stay longer,” reads the text in Victoria’s (@rackcityvic) video, which received over 2 million views and nearly 1000 comments.

“If my coworkers were honest when they asked me to cover their shifts, I would be so much more likely to do it,” she said.



Victoria’s implying that she believes her coworkers aren’t telling the truth when they ask for time off or for someone else to cover — and this is likely something that everyone has experienced as well.


Whether it be because you had already made plans that day and your manager forgot to take you off the schedule or because something came up that you want to attend — many people can relate.

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What Victoria doesn’t believe in, however, is covering the shifts of people who are lying.

“If they were like ‘Look, I’m going to get blackout drunk and [sleep with] my ex tonight, can you take my morning shift?’ Done,” she explains. “But I don’t give a f--k about your food poisoning, Brittany. Figure it out.”

“Food poisoning” is the “my dog ate my homework” excuse when it comes to work, or maybe more similar to “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.”


Did Brittany — a fictional coworker — actually get food poisoning? Or does she just want a day off?

Victoria doesn’t have the answer to this, but her answer to covering Brittany’s shift will likely be a no.

“Not going to be at work while you sit in bed shawty you better be getting something DONE,” reads the caption of Victoria’s TikTok, meaning that unless you’re going out and getting blackout drunk, she doesn’t believe that your excuse is valid enough.

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Many people in the comments agreed with Victoria’s reasoning.

“Girl as someone who also worked at Olive Garden cause I see your badge, AGREED,” reads one of the comments.


“Omggg some of my Olive Garden coworkers are like this,” wrote another user.

Some people argued that they didn’t really care to hear these kinds of personal details about other people’s lives, while some said they were the coworker that would be honest about why they were calling out.

One person claimed to have asked their boss for a day off in order to get their nails done, to which their boss asked if they realized who they were talking to.


Whatever the case, it may be a good idea to stay on the same page as all of your coworkers in case you want to have a day off, just don’t bring it up to your boss.

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