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Boy Pens Angry Letter Calling Santa 'Fatty' & Threatening Him Over 'Stunt He Pulled' After Forgetting Gift

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With Christmas just around the corner, many children have sent their lists to Santa and are anxiously awaiting him to deliver. 

However, most children do not write follow-up letters to the big man once they’ve received their gifts. 

One child’s defiant letter to Santa is taking the Internet by storm, and people aren’t sure whether to laugh or cry. 

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The boy, Jeremy, threatened Santa after not getting one of his gifts.

In a TikTok video that has generated nearly 5 million likes, user @koko_mink shared a post he came across on Facebook displaying a little boy named Jeremy’s exchange of letters to Santa Claus. 

“This s–t on Facebook just f–king killed me,” he says. 



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He shares an image of Jeremy’s handwritten letter to Santa. “Dear Santa, I am writing this on the day after X-mas and I am very sad,” the letter reads. “I only received one of the two presents I asked for.” 

“Since you ate my cookies I will assume that my missing gift was a mistake. I will give you one week to fix this.” 

Surprisingly, Jeremy received a response from Santa Claus. 

“Dear Jeremy, I am sorry that you are disappointed with your presents,” the response letter reads. “You asked for two very expensive presents and Santa can only do so much.” 

The letter encourages Jeremy to be “grateful” for what he has and not bitter about what he doesn’t. Santa warns that if he continues to complain, he will have no choice but to put him on the naughty list. 

However, Jeremy was not pleased with Santa’s response and decided to write another letter. 

“Dear Fatty,” the letter starts, “your threats don’t scare me. I played your game and you did not deliver. This is not okay.” 

He repeats that Santa has one week to deliver the gift he asked for or else he “will pay.” 

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Jeremy then criticizes Santa for having “slave” elves. 

“P.S. I don’t know why you care that it is expensive when you have elf slaves to make things for you,” the letter reads. “I think you are naughty for having slaves.” 

“Period, Jeremy! Tell that fat b—tch!” the TikTok user says. 

Santa wrote another follow-up to Jeremy.

“Dear Jeremy, you are being a very bad little boy. Because you cannot be happy with what you have, I have talked to your parents and told them to take away your Wii,” the letter reads. 

“Once you learn to be grateful, you can have it back. I am very disappointed in you, Jeremy. You will need to be an extra good boy this year if you want to make it back on the nice list.” 

Santa’s response still doesn’t cut it, and Jeremy composes another letter to him. “Dear Santa, I do not like that stunt you pulled with my parents. You are on my naughty list now. Be afraid,” the letter reads. 

Jeremy adds that Santa appears to be “slow” and “easy to kill” and warns him that next year his cookies will be poisoned.

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Other TikTok users were shocked by Jeremy’s threatening responses. 

“Jeremy wasn’t holding back at all!” one user commented. 

“Jeremy is not playing this Christmas,” another user wrote. 

“Watch out for Jeremy on a true crime documentary in a few years,” another user added. 

Looks like Jeremy won’t be leaving Santa’s naughty list anytime soon! 

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