Woman Yells At A Teen Girl's Mom Over Her Bikini & Says It's Not Her Fault If Her Son Assaults The Girl When He's Older

She shouldn't talk that way in front of her kids.

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Instead of enjoying a day at the beach in peace, a 13-year-old girl and her mother received an earful from a judgemental beachgoer instead.

Quickly reacting to the confrontation from the mom sitting on a towel in the sand, the woman with the teen daughter decided to record what the other mom was saying.

The mom said she didn’t want her 4-year-old son near her 13-year-old daughter’s swimsuit.

Immediately dubbed as a “Karen” by the masses, the woman in the TikTok has recently gone viral with the video spreading all over the internet for the crude and vile remarks she made.


“I’m saying don’t let your daughter show her a-- cheeks around my 4-year-old son,” says the woman wearing the sunglasses in the sand.

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Further explaining herself, she says “because, she’s a 13-year-old kid and I don’t want her showing her a-- around my son that’s four years old.”

Clearly bewildered by the situation that the mom was confronting her with, the woman recording goes “okay, she’s wearing a swimsuit?”

The Karen is seated in the sand next to her friend, who seems to be uncomfortable with her behavior as she just looks off into the water, minding her own business.

“What kind of mother are you to let your daughter wear a thong and show her a-- cheeks around a 4-year-old kid,” she continues yelling. “She’s wearing a f--king thong.”

The teen daughter, clearly upset by the woman’s claims even stands up for herself, yelling “No, I’m not!” but the mom doesn’t care.


“Okay, that’s your problem and your son’s problem. So take your son and go somewhere,” the woman answers back — but the Karen didn’t like that, and so she threatens her with escalation.

Her increased agitation at the woman who doesn’t back down at the confrontation leads her to be more direct with her threats, eventually saying “Wait let me get my kids ready and then I’m going to f--king knock you out.”

We learn from the video panning that her 4-year-old son, playing with other kids, was a mere 10 feet away from her the entire time — likely a witness to the awful things she’s been saying the entire time.

She stops her son from playing and brings him back to her towel. 


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Another woman approaches the mother of the teen in an attempt to de-escalate.

“I’m sorry that she overreacted. I agree, she kind of overreacted, it’s just a bathing suit. Maybe we should just distance ourselves from each other…” she tries to say before being interrupted by her friend, continuing to push her agitation onto everyone else around her.

“She’s a little bit offended by a little bit too much skin showing, I suppose,” the third woman claims, trying to explain her pal's seemingly unprovoked attack.

“If you had a two-year-old or three-year-old son, would you like him [seeing that]?” she asks the teen's mom who simply replies “But it’s a beach.”


Now, the woman seems to back down a little bit, but makes sure she gets one final, vile statement out there.

“If my son rapes your daughter when he’s older, it’s not my problem,” she says, staying silent for the rest of the nearly 3-minute conversation.

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She was criticized all over social media for her dreadful parenting skills and awareness.

One user on Reddit wrote, “‘my son might get the idea to rape from your daughter's bathing suit and not bc I’m saying it in front of him’ is just a wild take.”

Children do not think in the same way that adults do, and a 4-year-old boy is unlikely to understand anything about female, or even male, anatomy or anything like sex.


“Sounds like she's projecting her own insecurities on a teenager,” another user wrote on TikTok.


Others pointed out the irony in her criticizing the mother’s parenting when she’s intoxicated at the beach.

“The irony of this woman being so offended by a 13 yr old swimsuit when she thinks it's okay to be completely intoxicated while away from her home with her two small children?” one user wrote.

“So she thought the swimsuit was inappropriate but apparently had no problem with using a smorgasbord of four-letter words in front of the toddlers?”

The hypocrisy is palpable, but at least everyone can agree on who’s in the wrong here.

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