Boss Who Offered An Experienced Bartender $12 An Hour Criticizes Him For Requesting $40 An Hour & 115% Of Tips

Based on his experience, the job candidate wanted his salary to reflect that.

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A hiring manager criticized a job candidate after they asked for a higher pay wage during their interview.

In a video, TikTok user @chocolatemilkbros, who makes content on his account about work-related debacles, told his followers that he had recently interviewed a man who was interested in filling a bartender position. When it came down to talking about the hourly wages, the job candidate was less than impressed with the number thrown out by the hiring manager.


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He demanded $40 an hour with 115% of tips after being offered $12 an hour.

"I once interviewed this guy for a bartender position, and the interview went really well at first," the boss began in his video. "He had 10 years of bartending experience, three of which were on the Las Vegas strip, but towards the end that's when things took a bit of turn."



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When it came down to talking about how much the position was paying, he told the candidate that he would be paid $12 an hour with 100% of tips that he would make throughout the night. Upon hearing the amount, the candidate was immediately turned off by the numbers.

"He goes, 'That's not going to be enough. I need $30 an hour plus 115% of tips,'" he continued. When he asked the job candidate why he wanted 115% of the tips, and how that would work, the candidate responded that he would be taking all of the tips he would make on top of 15% of any tips the other bartenders make as well.

The manager pointed out that if he agreed to that, it wouldn't be fair to the other bartenders working hard for their tips, especially if they also expect 100% of that money to go to them at the end of a night. After letting the candidate know that, he tried to negotiate further.

"He crosses his arms and looks at me like he's making a deal at a pawn shop on Grandma's earrings and goes, 'Okay, $40 an hour plus 100% of tips, that's my final offer or I'm walking,'" the manager recalled.


In the caption of his video, when it came down to giving the candidate a decision, the manager revealed that he didn't end up giving him the position because of his demand for higher pay, even though the rest of the interview had impressed him.

While the bartending salary differs from state to state, in Wisconsin, where the position had been located, the average salary for a bartender is $22,348 a year — which amounts to about $10.70 an hour for a 40-hour week.

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In the comments section, people were surprised at the starting rate offered by the hiring manager.

"$12/hr for the experience he has? Dude, that's really low. Minimum $20 plus tips," one TikTok user wrote, while another user added, "How can live decent on $12 hour? Preparing alcohol and being responsible for the role is worth $40 [an hour]."


"$12/hr for the experience he has? Dude, that's really low. Minimum $20 plus tips," a third user chimed in.

However, other people were on the hiring manager's side, pointing out that all of the money would have been made in the tips, which he was guaranteed 100% of.

"I’m confused in what state is everyone working that $12 [an hour] [plus] tips is bad? I’m in [New Jersey]. We get paid $5. $12 [an hour] would be amazing," a fourth user remarked, while another user pointed out, "I know bartenders that make $12 [an hour] plus tips, and with tips alone they make $1k or more a week."


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