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Woman Fears She Is Being Stalked By Tinder Match After He Sends Her A Voicenote Describing Her Curtains

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A new kind of man just dropped — no, not the stalker kind, because those have always existed and will, unfortunately, continue to exist.

No, this kind of man likes to vape and blames his rejection from the (likely many) women he talks to on the fact that he’s a vegan and supposedly really cares about animals — if only he’d share some of that care with women.

That, and he might actually be a stalker.

One woman took to TikTok to share her experience with this kind of guy and it's terrifying.

The woman fears that she’s being stalked after he sent her obsessive voice messages.

The woman on TikTok, named Serena (@serena._rose), posted videos describing her interactions with a man that she matched with on Tinder approximately six months ago around July.

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“I wish I could make this up bro, I matched with this guy on Tinder six months ago. Six months ago,” she started her story in a video she posted. “He sent me one picture, I sent him one picture back.”

In her Snapchat logs, it looks like the man, named Sean, has made numerous attempts to try and talk to her with no response from Serena (dude, get the hint).

Oone day, Serena decided to go out for drinks with her friend and posted a story about it on Snapchat, which prompted Sean to go into a rant with a brick wall — the brick wall being Serena’s inbox that would never see any response — about how upset he was that she went out for drinks with a guy and never texted him back.

“Really? You’re gonna go out for drinks with that guy and only send me a duck face. Wtf. Like what,” was his reply to her story.

Mind you, this is six whole months into the future after they matched on Tinder and their interactions should have ceased shortly after that.

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Of course, the comedy of the situation prompted Serena to go in and screen record his response, only to prompt Sean to keep going and send voice memos about his projections.

“I sent you a picture of me vaping and you sent me a duck face and that was it,” he started his monologue, his passionate retelling of how she broke his poor little heart. “I’m a kind, compassionate, genuine guy that wanted to take you out for dinner and drinks and get to know you but no.”

In between all of these voice memos, he sent some ramblings about “her response” and said “whatever,” trying to claim he doesn’t care when clearly he does.

But this is the part where things get weird and even a little dangerous.

“Maybe it’s because I’m vegan and genuinely care about animals and stuff,” he continued, projecting all of his rejections onto her. “I see you play Animal Crossing and stuff, that’s nice. How’s your new job?”

This is where Serena interjects to provide a little context.

“So the Animal Crossing is a reference to my curtains in my front window that, yes, I have Animal Crossing curtains in my front window,” she explained.

“The new job. I got a new job and I posted one photo of my company ID card and everything was blocked out besides the name of the company. So he’s starting to know where I live, and where I work.”



While Serena doesn't know for sure if Sean had been to her house or stalked her online to find this information, she does express concern about how he knows all these things she never told him about.

Regardless of whether actual stalking occured, this shows that he’s been keeping tabs on her despite her never talking to him, and was likely trying to intimidate her if nothing else.

After the voice memos, he continues on, trying to defend his character and showcase his dignity and pride in himself.

“I’m all into nature and peace of mind etc,” he says, advertising himself to a girl who clearly hasn’t been interested since she matched him on Tinder six months ago. “Smoking, drinking, shrooms, all that. Low key drama free. Traveling, camping, hiking, gaming, all that. I’m a science nerd.”

Serena herself is dumbfounded by the end of her TikTok, which has garnered 272k views, asking “What? This i- What? Why? Men.”

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