Saudi Man Offers To Marry Amber Heard In Instagram Voicenote Saying, ‘I’m Better Than That Old Man’

He warned her that "doors are closing."

Amber Heard, Johnny Depp, Instagram message BAKOUNINE/Shutterstock/Instagram

The trial is over, the verdict was announced, and jurors are talking about their experiences but Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's futures still seem uncertain as we wait to see how they move on from the case.

While Depp fans have been supporting him online, Heard has reportedly been offered support from an unlikely source.

A Saudi man is offering to marry Amber Heard.

An Instagram user, @Bee4andafter_kw on Instagram posted the "proposal" to Heard on Saturday, June 4, issuing a marriage proposal to the actress.


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"Amber, since all doors are closing on you, you have no one except me to take care of you," the user is heard saying in a voicenote in Arabic, according to sources who translated the words.


The strange request has now gone viral on the internet, questioning the validity and motives behind the request.

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"It is astonishing that one Saudi man is eager to marry Amber Heard who is ordered to pay huge damages to Johnny Depp. It is nothing but applying salt to the wounds of the actress," one user said.

Other comments have had laughing emojis, with others commenting that this post is creepy.

While this continues to gain traction, it highlights now that Heard does not have a lot of support from many people.

Heard herself has not spoken publicly since her statement after the verdict. However, her team has criticized Depp for his recent comments about "moving forward" by warning that women's rights are "moving backward."


Amber Heard has received support from her sister.

Heard's sister Whitney has expressed her support for her sister in an Instagram post with the image reading #istandwithamberheard.

Henriquez's post said she was proud of her sister for taking the courage to talk about a serious issue that many others are afraid to talk about.

Comments on her post supported Heard, while others issued cruel, mocking responses.


Henriquez, who testified in the trial and also accused Depp of abusing her sister, has limited the comments on her post but is still facing enormous backlash for supporting her sister throughout the trial.

Depp, meanwhile, has been repeatedly thanking his fans for their support during the case and is reportedly planning to revive his career.

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