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Kind Delivery Driver Dad Puts His Young Daughter To Work Delivering Packages For Amazon

Photo: @projectgratitude / TikTok 
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For some parents, “bring your kid to work day” is every day! 

An adorable father-daughter duo captured the Internet’s attention after a video of them working together went viral. 

The father took his daughter along to deliver Amazon packages to people’s doorsteps. 

In a TikTok video that has been viewed over 4 million times, an Amazon delivery driver delivers an order to a house accompanied by the sweetest colleague. 

The original footage was captured by TikTok user @babyale_’s ring camera positioned over their front porch. They later shared the footage with TikTok user @projectgratitude who reposted the video to their own account. 

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The father carefully places the orders outside the front door, as his daughter, who also sports her own Amazon vest and stuffed animal under her arm, watches on curiously. 

Eager to assist her dad, he instructs her how to organize and place the deliveries.

“Great job!” he can be heard complimenting her. 

He allows her to take a picture of the order to send off to the customer before the two leave the porch on their way to make more delivery stops. 

The customer was in awe of the father-daughter team and called on TikTok to help her find them. 

“TikTok help me find them! By the time I ran out to tip them, they were gone,” she wrote in the text overlay of the video. 

She added that she was located in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

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Other TikTok users were touched by the hardworking father-daughter duo. 

“This is a man. This is what life is about family. It’s not about material things. Precious moment. Thank you for sharing this,” one user commented. 

“She’ll remember these memories for her entire life,” another user wrote. 

“Best dad award!” another user added. 

Other users shared their own stories of accompanying their parents to work. 

“I miss the days when my dad to me to work with him it was so much fun! Go dad!” one user revealed. 

“I used to ride with my grandfather on his rural mail route and those are the best memories,” another user wrote. 

Some users were concerned about Amazon’s policies and if delivery drivers were allowed to have their children participate. 

It appears that the father works for Amazon Flex, a side business people could register for to make Amazon deliveries in their area using their own vehicles and by their own hours. 

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It is especially ideal for parents of young children since they are able to take their children along with them. One can earn up to $25 an hour on the job, depending on area and state. 

In a follow-up video, TikTok user @projectgrattitude shared that the father and daughter have not been located yet. However, Amazon reached out to her directly to inform her that their local news channel would like to feature a story about them!



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