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Dad Who Works Three Jobs Surprises His Daughter With Her Dream Dress After Saying He Can't Afford It

Daughter and dad

For parents who have ever had to struggle to make their kids' wishes come true — or for anyone who has been the child in that scenario — a video circulating on Reddit is sure to hit home.

A user posted to Reddit's “Made Me Smile” forum — where there are countless stories shared about things that have brightened a person’s day — with a video of a loving father surprising his daughter with a new dress.

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The dad worked 3 jobs to afford his daughter's 'dream dress.'

The video began with the young girl sitting at what appears to be a cafeteria or restaurant. 

Suddenly her dad appeared in the camera view, and he was holding a purple garment bag. When he unzipped the bag, the daughter saw a white dress with flowers on the bottom.

Her mouth opened wide in surprise and she immediately threw her arms around his shoulders, then began to cry tears of joy. 

The title of the Reddit post claims the doting dad has been juggling three jobs while supporting his family and the daughter's reaction proves that his hard work hasn't gone unnoticed.

Her 8th-grade dance just got even more exciting now that she has the perfect dress to wear.

Of course, the material possession is not what matters most in this video, it's the love exchanged between the father and daughter. The dress represents so much more than a beautiful outfit to wear to a dance.

It was a beautiful moment for their relationship, but some users in the comment section brought up valid points about the father working three jobs. 

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Many felt that it was unfair that he had to work three jobs to afford the dress.

“It's so touching. BUT we all should speak out why this dad [has] to work 3 separate jobs in order to make ends meet,” wrote one user.

Another wrote, “There is no amount of money in the world that is better than an obviously very grateful child.”

“The kid hugged first instead of taking it. Love both of them. I hope and wish that people don’t have to work 3 jobs to give simple pleasures to their kids. Loved everything in the video. Wish you both lots of happiness,” wrote a third. 

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