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Woman Wonders If She’s Wrong For Picking A Fight With Boyfriend After He Got On A Plane Before Her

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A self-titled “seasoned traveler” went to Reddit after getting into an argument with her boyfriend over the plane boarding process for their flight back home.

She posted the incident on Reddit’s “r/AmItheA--hole” (AITA) subreddit, where she could hopefully get an answer as to whether she was wrong for starting an argument with her boyfriend in the first place.

She started an argument with her boyfriend because he boarded the plane before her.

“We checked in together and had different boarding groups — he was group 1, since he is active duty military, I was group 3, for being a platinum card holder on the airline,” she begins her post. “This is significant since both groups are considered priority boarding.”

She explains that she and her boyfriend don’t necessarily care for boarding groups, nor do they think that it matters much.

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“We are seasoned travelers, very efficient when boarding planes, and the only thing that does matter is that we are on the plane before the main groups,” she claims, “which are the people who do not travel often and are generally slower when boarding planes.”

She feels entitled to board the plane next to her boyfriend so she complained when he boarded without her.

“I was annoyed, since groups 1 and 2 are both super small, and group 3, my group, usually gets called super fast, if not combined with group two,” she explains. “After my group gets called (literally less than 5 minutes later) and I get on the plane, I told him he could have waited for my group to get called and we could have boarded together.”

His response was that it wasn’t a big deal, but she claims that ever since they started traveling together, he hasn’t done that.

“We got into a mild argument about it on the plane, nothing huge since we were, well, on a plane,” she continued. “He thinks I'm being an a--hole for starting an argument and being upset about him boarding before me but I think it's justified since he had never done it before and he didn't say anything prior.”

She emphasizes that his being on active duty is not a new thing and that he’s been on active duty for eight years and this has never happened before.

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Reddit users said she was the “a--hole” for starting the argument.

“You really got upset about BF boarding a few minutes before you?” one Reddit user replied. “You say you're a seasoned traveler, so why are you so hot and bothered that he left your side for a few minutes?”

“What's he gonna do? Go steal a coke from the galley before you get on the plane? Put on bunny slippers that you don't approve of?”

This user echoes much of the same sentiment that others felt — that she was being immature in starting an argument where there wasn’t one.

“If I were him, I would always board ahead of you because I'd need the 10-minute break from your whining and pettiness,” another user wrote.

Saying pretty much the same, someone else said “I can see why he boarded before you. Homie needed a short break.”

After receiving all of the backlash for her post, she posted an update where she admits that she now understands why she was wrong and would apologize to her boyfriend promptly.

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