The Worst Relationship Habit — And 3 Ways To Break It

Just because you've been burned by love before doesn't mean you'll never find it again.

How to finally break that bad relationship habit Alexander Mass | Pexels

Does this sound like you? Over the years, you've jumped into a series of relationships, all of which ended badly. It's not that you're actively searching for the wrong guys, but for some reason, that's all you end up attracting. Some days you feel like there are just no good ones left. But on other days, when you keep seeing the common denominator in your bad relationship equation is you, you're left wondering: Is it me?   It's normal to question things when nine times out of ten, everyone you meet turns out to be a total dud. The truth is that we all go through rough patches. And just because you've had your fair share of it, doesn't mean that you don't deserve happiness. It takes two to tango; chances are the underlying issues in your previous relationships involved both of you. 


The only way you can get yourself back on your feet is by eliminating the idea that you are the only one at fault. Regardless of the circumstances, everyone deserves to be happy. With that in mind, here are three ways authors Charles OrlandoJohn Gray, Life Coach Barbara Schiffman, Counselor Kelly Crossing, and Hypnotherapist Laura Rubinstein share how you can improve your outlook on love and finally get a happy, safe, and long-lasting relationship that you want.

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Here are 3 easy ways to finally break your bad relationship habit:

1. Face your feelings head on

Laura Rubenstein raises an excellent point as she says, "If you're aware that you feel undeserving, you can change that."


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2. Stop living in the past

Dwelling on things you can't change only forces you into a self-imposed funk. If we actively worked towards improving our future instead of focusing on our past, so many of our issues would disappear. Kelly P. Crossing said it best when she stated, "Who we've been in the past does not have to dictate who we are in the future."

@alexia.mcleod If you want to heal from your trauma, you have to stop living in the past. In order to retake your power and mind back, you need to let that trauma go. The longer you keep it in harp on it the more that is going to continue to impact your life. ##mindset##motivation##healingjourney##selfimprovement##selfgrowth##healingprocess##traumahealing ♬ original sound - Alexia Mcleod | Therapist

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3. Remember that every relationship is a learning experience

It doesn't matter how our relationships end. We're constantly shaped by the people we meet. Barbara Schiffman mentions that "Taking credit for what [you've] learned along the way makes [you] feel as if [you] are deserving. You've earned the right to have what [you] want now." It makes sense. Acknowledging everything that your past relationships have taught you, reinforces the idea that your relationship was not a failure even though it failed. You can choose a different ending for your next story. You just have to decide to stop repeating your negative patterns and learn from your past instead of being controlled by it. That's one lesson you can take on your next date for sure!

@jarrielcarter Every relationship tells a story, and each one has its own lesson. Are you ready to turn the page to your next chapter? #RelationshipLessons #LifeJourney #ChooseJoy ♬ original sound - Jarriel Carter

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Charles J. Orlando is a relationship expert best known as the author of the acclaimed relationship book series, The Problem with Women… is Men. Dr. John Gray is a leading relationship expert whose books, including Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus have sold over 50 million copies in 50 languages in 150 countries. He helps men and women better understand and respect their differences in both personal and professional relationships. Barbara Schiffman is an author, speaker, book editor, screenwriting coach, Life&Soul Synergy mentor, Hypnotherapist, and Akashic Records Advanced Teacher. Kelly P. Crossing is an experienced counselor and relationship expert who specializes in helping women build the lives and relationships they want by understanding their driving needs and how to meet them. Laura Rubinstein is a Certified Social Media Marketing Strategist, Hypnotherapist, and Master Leadership Coach, who works with business owners, speakers, authors, and service providers around the globe.