The World's Sexiest Accents, According To 5,000 Women

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When attempting to dissect the "whys" of attraction, often times we find ourselves lost in the unexplainable. Our libido works in mysterious ways, we'll say. Far be it for us to put in words why we trail one person home and brutishly reject another. It's out of our hands!

That is unless they have a sexy accent. Then the answer's easy.

"But he was Irish!" we'll exclaim. "Even 'Leave my apartment now!' sounded hot!"

Well it looks like we aren't alone. While men with accents stemming from the UK are notorious for doing strange things to American women, it turns out the Irish brogue wins hands down above all others when it comes to making a man seem more attractive, as determined by an international poll of 5,000 women.

A spokesman for OnePoll, the group that conducted the survey, concludes that it was time for the luck of the Irish.

"They have been in and around the top five for years now," he told DublinLive. "But high-profile stars such as Colin Farrell have helped bring the accent more to the fore.''

Italian accents trailed in second, Scottish in third, and French and Australian accents rounded out the top five.

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But the big picture question here is this: does a man's accent really affect his chances with women?

Let's say hypothetically two men of equivalent attraction enter a bar. One has a down and dirty Jersey drawl and the other opens his mouth to a chorus of Irish harpsichords. Do those lilting tones increase the second man's chances of finding his way into a woman's heart? Or at the very least, his chances of getting her phone number?

The answers are yes and yes!

A whopping three-fifths of women admit to "being seduced" by someone with a hot accent, and two-fifths say they'd choose the pleasing accent over the unpleasing one.

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Without further ado, according to the 5,000 women polled, these are the world's sexiest accents.

The 10 Sexiest Accents in the World, According to Women

1. Irish



2. Italian



3. Scottish



4. French



5. Australian



6. English



7. Swedish



8. Spanish



9. Welsh



10. American



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Melissa Noble is a freelance writer and blogger who lives in Brooklyn.