The 3 Words A Guy Needs To Hear From You (Hint: It's Not 'I Love You')

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OK, ladies — drop everything, because I'm about to reveal the three magic words that make a man's heart melt. 

I know right now you're probably thinking the words must be, "I want you." But remember we're talking about a man's heart melting here, not his groin.

"I want you," is amazing if you want to turn a man on, but if you want a man's love tank to fill up, you're looking for a different three words.

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These three words trigger primal feelings in a man.

When you say these words to a man, he'll do almost anything for you.

Don't you love it when a man runs errands for you? Don't you love it when a man buys you a gift for no reason, other than he felt like it? Don't you love it when a man gives you his full attention every day and listens to every word you have to say to him?

Wouldn't you love it if your man supported you in your career dreams, and gave you the freedom to be yourself and to spend time with your friends?

This guy is starting to sound pretty amazing, isn't he?

He's attentive, he cares, he lets you be the woman you want to be. And all this because you said three mystery words to him?

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"Good God, David! Just tell me the three words already!"


Are you ready?

The three magic words that make a man’s heart melt are…

I appreciate you.

Whenever a woman says it to me, whether they're my friend or lover, it makes me stop for a minute. It makes me think, and it makes me feel really good. It fills me up in so many ways. I appreciate you. It's so simple.

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All you're doing is telling someone how much you appreciate the little things they do.

You're telling him that what he does makes you feel good. And let's face it — men are just like big, trained gorillas in a zoo. Or like a dog who likes a pat on the head and a back scratch when we do something good.

But when you appreciate us, and acknowledge us in some small way, it makes us want to do things for you over and over.

It makes us want to prove to you how much we want to make you happy. We love it. It makes men feel needed and alive. Just three very simple words, yet they mean everything to a guy.

Learn to use those words in your relationships and watch the way your man responds. Watch the way he starts doing things for you. And watch how much he starts to appreciate you in ways you can only dream of. I guarantee those three little words will transform the relationships you have with men forever.  



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David Wygant is a dating coach who has been helping men and women for over 20 years.