Women Can't Resist Men Who Do These 4 Things

What makes a guy go from reasonably good-looking to "HOLY COW! Who is that?"

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I did this little experiment last year while working on cultivating my feminine energy.

I was sitting at the pub with friends and there was a heap of guys all standing/sitting in different groups around a massive table. None of them were really paying attention to me, they were more interested in each other and the game.

Now as a guy, you KNOW what makes your head turn. When a woman walks into the room and you can’t take your eyes off her. There’s something about her that you can’t put your finger on. And she might be reasonably attractive looks-wise … but she has some X-factor about her that stands her out from all of the other women (even more beautiful ones). It’s her ENERGY. Her essence radiates in all its glory.


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So I went to the bathroom, gently ran my hand through the air & felt the slight breeze between my fingers. I got really present with myself, smiled seductively to myself in the mirror, and got right into my most feminine state. Then I walked out of the bathroom and as I walked back to my stool, I ran my hands across the chairs, slowed down my pace, and moved with more intention.

As I sat down, the heads started to turn. Like crazy! And I just sat there with the full smug satisfaction of knowing I had the power to do that.


YOU have this power too.

Flip it to what makes a guy go from ‘reasonably good-looking’ to ‘HOLY COW! Who is that?!’ … and it’s his energy. You don’t have to be the hottest guy in the room by looks standards. In fact, you might even have been hit with the ‘not so hot’ stick.

But it’s irrelevant. Because when you’re on point in your masculine energy, women’s heads will do a 360 if they have to … just to drink you in. Why?

Energy is vibration. An invisible field is made tangible by your walk, facial expressions, the speed of your movements, voice tone, pitch, speed, language, and the way you interact with others.  You already have this – and science has discovered that when we’re depressed, angry, anxious, sad, or frustrated, our energy field shrinks.


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When we’re happy, joyful, funny, caring, and loving, our energy field expands. And THAT’S what women pick up on the most. Your vibe attracts your tribe, basically.

So here’s how to turn women’s heads by cultivating your own personal vibe and energy:

1. Straighten Your Posture

A confident man walks tall. He doesn’t walk in like he owns the joint, he walks in like he knows everybody. It’s different energy (the first one being arrogant, the second one being charismatic). You don’t have to be a gym junkie but taking care of your body so you naturally walk confidently will make a world of difference.

2. Get Into A Strong Masculine State

Look at yourself in the mirror, stand in your manliness and say the words, ‘You need me’ with a strong tone and fixed eyes. There’s sexiness in a man’s certainty. When he holds himself in full masculine energy, he stands out from the other guys who are slouching around the joint (and being overlooked by women).


3. Cultivate This Daily Until You ARE IT

This isn’t a practice of acting. It’s a practice of BEING! The daily work is to leave the ‘little boy’ behind and step into being a man. He’s drama-free, patient, slow to anger, and operates from a place of love and care. He also knows what he wants and goes after it fearlessly.

4. Let Go Of The ‘I’m Fat, Bald, Broke’ Victimhood Mindset

Whatever you focus on expands … and I don’t mean focusing on a bald head means you’ll lose more hair. It means that your focus on it will create more insecurities around it … and your insecurity will block you from meeting women. Because if you believe they don’t want you because of it? Your belief will create that reality.

I’m not teaching you new skills here. I’m teaching you how to strip back to the energy you were born with.


We ALL have a mix of masculine and feminine energy, and attraction often happens when you’re standing strongly in your masculine. Women love a man who is confident in who he is, and it will turn more heads when you embrace your masculine energy.

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Ainsley Micallef is a self-esteem, mindset, and dating expert for men. Follow her profile on Good Men Project.