'Why Are You Still Single?' 7 Great Ways To Answer The Dreaded Question

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How many times have you been asked, "why are you still single?" How would someone ever answer this question? I don't know Aunt Margaret, because no one wants me?

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I don't know what it is about the question that irks me so much, but even when it's meant to flatter, it can feel a bit silly. It implies you don't want to be single — and maybe you don't — but would you ever ask someone why they're in a relationship if they seem happy?

Also, we all know a couple that we want to ask "why are you still together?"

Sure, Maggie has been your best friend since middle school, and you love the fact that she seems to be happy enough to gush to you and all her Instagram followers about the best two months of her life that she's spent with Josh so far, but you also know about that fight they got in last weekend when she found out he still uses Tinder, and then subsequently posted a quote on her Instagram story about 'fighting demons.'

Maybe being single isn't the worst thing.

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Also, how are you really supposed to respond to this question? It's one that makes you overthink. It sets itself up for a long-winded answer or a pity party, even when your reason for being single is simple — you just want to be. 

Luckily, with the magic of Twitter's trending topics, we came across #ImSingleBecause tweets and found a whole new slew of ways to answer the much-dreaded question.

See our favorites below.

Tweet it, loud and proud.

It's true that I haven't clicked with anyone enough to be in a relationship with them, but dating apps have worked even less for me.

Why be an awkward third wheel when you can be a fun one?

One time I followed my friend while she was on a date so she could feel safe if anything wrong happened. Nothing happened, but I managed to third wheel from across the restaurant! Those are some skills.

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Being single means having control of the remote

... and being able to memorize popular commercials. My mother loves this commercial. She quotes it every time we see a new version during a Super Bowl.

Hipsters, take note.

I mean is it though? I'm all for being alone on Saturday nights with wine and pizza, but doing that activity might actually be too mainstream.

I mean, who would?

Your childhood pal says it best.

If Winnie the Pooh is single then I should be okay with being single too.

So much to do, so little time.

Being in a relationship and being in love are great things, but they're not the best things.

There can be so much said about the time spent alone with oneself. For one, we all know people in relationships aren't funny, so you already have that advantage over all your taken friends.  

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