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15 Little Ways To Be Happier Every Single Day

Photo: by Megan Markham on Unsplash
15 Little Ways To Be Happier Every Single Day

Every day has its ups and downs, but sometimes you might find more downs than ups.

It is easier than you may think to turn that frown upside down by just making a concerted effort to add a little happiness to your day rather than waiting for things to improve.

Sometimes you may need to make a big effort, but most of the time all you have to do to be happier is add a little something to your day.

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Here are some easy ways to add happiness to your day:

1. Have an attitude of gratitude.

It is challenging to feel bad when you are focused on what is good. There is so much to be grateful for and as easy as changing your focus will lift your spirits and bring any unresourceful emotion around into a happy one.

You can start with something as simple as “every day above ground is a good day.”

2. Watch a movie.

Curl up with a warm blanket and your favorite movie. Leave all your worries behind you as you engage in an activity that you’re sure to love.

3. Enjoy your loved ones or your children.

Instead of dwelling on yourself, take some time to reflect on the people you love. Just enjoy them and think about how much you love the fact they’re in your life.

4. Call your best friend.

A telephone call with a close friend is a great way to spend some time in a comfortable and familiar manner. You may reminisce of old times or have fun planning for the future.

5. Go out for a treat.

Although indulging all the time is not a good idea, it’s certainly all right once in a while. Whether it’s yogurt, ice cream, smoothie, or even Starbucks coffee, grab your favorite treat.

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6. Rediscover nature.

Observe the world around you in reality. You can do this by going on a hike in nature or just enjoying the stars ‘ glory at night.

7. Take a hot Epsom salt bath.

This is a great way to bring even more happiness, especially if you’ve found the day stressful. Light some scented candles to include aromatherapy’s benefits to the bath’s relaxing warmth.

8. Play a game.

Games by yourself or with friends is a great activity to focus on something fun that will bring you joy and happiness. They are wonderful for your emotions and a great way to put your focus on something fun.

9. Engage in a sport.

Get your friends together or find a local meet up and have a friendly competition. Sports are a good way of exercising and relieving

10. Take a nap.

You would be amazed by what 20 minutes of shut-eye will do for you. An afternoon nap may be just what you’re looking for to leave you feeling more energized and happier.

11. Snuggle with your partner.

Sometimes just reconnecting with another person, especially if you’ve been very busy can put a smile on your face and make you feel more grounded.

12. Be a little lazy.

Sometimes you may not feel as happy as you would like, because you expect too much of yourself. Take some time to just be a bump on a log, with no responsibilities, and give yourself time to recover.

13. Listen to your favorite music.

Music calms the savage beast and it is also great to brighten up your day. Open pandora on your phone or ask Alexa or Google to start mixing up your favorite genre. You will feel happier in no time.

14. Get out of your home and make casual conversation.

Strike up a couple of lively conversations with strangers. If you’re friendly and happy with them, they’ll probably be the same to you.

15. Enjoy time with your pets.

Pets are part of the family too. Snuggle up or play with your pet for some quality time together and reconnect. It will make them happier too.

Keep in mind that the list is endless when it comes to ways to brighten up your day.

Be creative and try the new activities you might like. Most importantly, look for a way to enjoy every moment, and your life will be filled with even more happiness.

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Lisa Lieberman-Wang is a licensed neuro-linguistic practitioner and creator of Neuro Associative Programming (NAP). Find more helpful tips to loving yourself and improving your life on her website, Fine To Fab.

This article was originally published at Fine to Fab. Reprinted with permission from the author.