10 Signs You're DEFINITELY The Third Wheel (Sorry.)

How to tell if you really are the odd one out.

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Everybody knows that they don't want to be the third wheel. If you're going to be in a wheel situation, you want to make sure you're an even number. Or, if you're an odd number, everyone else is an odd number.

You either want to be a two-wheeler, or only with other single wheels. Or, in a tripod. I think we all get it by now.

The problem is, nobody ever plans on being the third wheel, but we've all found ourselves in that situation.


You think you're going out for a fun night, but then you start getting that awkward feeling. Everyone else is sitting comfortably, and you're all alone.

How can you avoid that situation? If only there was a way to see it coming.

Lucky for you, we've compiled a list of signs for you. If you notice any of these happening to you, get out of there. Here are 10 signs that you're definitely the third wheel:

1You're always the one asking, "Where are we going next?" Does it always seem that if you don't ask, no one will invite you along? Take the hint.

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2You're awkwardly waiting around a lot. When everyone else is in a couple, they show up together, leave together, and go off to do couple things. A third wheel is always waiting for couples to show up and take a breath.

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3You're constantly reminded that you’re alone. If hanging out with your friends makes you feel super lonely, there's a reason for that. It's because you're lonely.

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4Your friends are always trying to set you up ... with ANYBODY. The harder your friends work to set you up with somebody, the more they want you to stop mucking things up. There's a reason for that.

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5Seating arrangements are always awkward. If everyone else already knows who they're sitting next to except for you, then you're not a second wheel. Not at all.

from Scott Pilgrim vs the World Reddit.com


6You order way more food than anyone else. Does it seem like when you go out to eat, you have completely different expectations than everyone else? Like, you're the only one in the group who has no shame? Yeah, figure it out.

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7You're not in any of the inside jokes. Guess what belongs on the outside of all the inside jokes? The third wheel.

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8You're the only one paying for just what you got. When the check comes, is everyone else either paying for someone else or getting paid for? Don't ever be the only person paying for just one person.

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9Everyone wants to call it a night way earlier than you do. Are you always going, "Hey, let's go somewhere else!" while everyone else seems content going home? That's because everyone else has someone to go home to. They don't need to go find new people.

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10You overestimate how drunk everyone is going to get. Lastly, do you think everyone's going out to party, but it turns out they're just looking for a nice quiet evening? If you're only one who thinks it's time to get crazy, you're thinking like a third wheel.

from How I Met Your Mother Elitedaily.com