7 Ways To Show Love Without Words (That Will Make Him Fall For You)

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Saying "I love you" is an excellent way to show someone you care about them.

But sometimes words are not enough.

Here, seven experts explain how to show your love without using words:

1. Show compassion

"When we are compassionate with the people we love, we give them permission to be flawed and vulnerable. Whether it is through a kind word, an act of service, or simply a hug or shoulder to lean on, our compassion for our spouse makes them feel loved in a way that is often difficult to express in words." -Esther Boykin, LMFT

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2. Make a home-cooked meal

"Men show love without words by problem-solving for their spouse, fixing things, doing things for them. Women would appreciate gifts or having things done for them. And women often show their love by buying their spouse something or making them a nice meal." -Melodie Tucker

3. Share a secret handshake

"Being that 75 percent of our communication is non-verbal, learning to direct your non-verbal messages where you want them can not only help you to avoid toxic conflict, but it can actually bring you closer to your partner. Using posture, facial expressions, sweet gestures or even a "secret" handshake can communicate everything you want to your sweetie. Take care to be conscious of these things and you'll be surprised at the results. - Cory B Honickman

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4. Create a DIY fantasy suite

"Leave love notes around the house in surprising places where they will find them. Run then a hot bath, add rose petals and lighted candles. Give them a foot or back massage. Make them their favorite meal. Let them control the TV remote all evening." -Crystal Dawn Morris

5. Know your partner's love language

"Knowing what your partner needs to feel loved. With some, it's touch: holding hands, hugging, kissing. For others, it's care and nurture, which might be buying a favorite food or drink, making a special meal, or cleaning out her car." -Sally Connolly

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6. Actually listen

"And don't fake it. You may be unaware of those subtle (or not so subtle!) signs that show that even though you're really trying to listen, you're actually feeling inconvenienced or bored, or you'd rather be doing something else. But your companion or loved one will pick up on that and feel hurt." -Tricia Berry, CPC

7. Receive love yourself

"One of the best ways to show our love is by receiving love. To open yourself up, to allow yourself to graciously receive is a tremendous gift to the one giving. When someone says, 'I love you' or opens a door for you, smile and simply say, 'Thank you.' Notice how you feel, then return the favor (or pay it forward)!" - Jessy Servi

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