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Dating makes love harder to find because if your end goal is to be in a meaningful and fulfilling relationship, many guys who date just want something casual. Courtship simplifies love by showing a man’s intentions and feelings about you early on, and if love is meant to be.

About Janet Ong Zimmerman

I'm a Courtship and Relationship Mentor who helps successful women cultivate love with ease and clarity. If you are like these women, you're successful in most areas of life and haven't yet found the love you desire and deserve.  If you've tried conventional methods to improve your love life only to have love elude you, or if you're attracting men, dates and relationships that never seem to go anywhere, it doesn't have to be this way.  

The women I work with soon realize they have the power to create the experience of love they desire. Being a part of these women's lives and helping them transform pain and heartache into happiness and love brings me great joy. As they move to a place of greater awareness about unhealthy patterns, trust themselves in their choice of men, and attract more of the right men, they experience and enjoy love with more ease.   

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On a personal note, here are my favorites, things I find priceless and core values. 

Favorites: health and wellness, reading, independent films, day trips, spending time in nature, Trader Joe's, Italian food, a good glass of wine, a good piece of dark chocolate, potato chips of all kinds, relaxing with an almond milk tea.  

Priceless: spending time with family, friends and my husband, meaningful conversations, traveling and experiencing different cultures, the sound of the ocean, puffy white clouds, crisp mountain air, getting a good night's sleep, photographs, personal and spiritual growth. 

Core Values: Love, Happiness, Ease, Freedom, Integrity, Creativity, Growth

Janet Ong Zimmerman Success Stories

I Feel Very Good in My Own Skin and Am In a Much Better Place


"I am doing great and continue to use the lessons you taught me. Most importantly I'm working on conquering my fear of uncertainty. I have been pulled into many directions right now, recruiting for jobs in West Africa and dating someone there. Surprisingly I am not letting any stress get to me and I owe that to you. Thank you so much for all your help. I feel very good in my skin right now and am in a much better place thanks to you." - Bita D.

Engaged to a Wonderful Man

Women starting over

"I want to thank you for guiding me along my journey. I'm now engaged to a WONDERFUL man. :))) He and I went to grammar school together but had gone our separate ways. 30 years later I found him on facebook, I wrote to him, and here we are, Sooo happy together. You made an incredible difference in my life. One that has gotten me through some family hardships as well as lifting my self view high enough to attract my amazing man. Thank you!" - JoAnn K., Massachusetts

Feminine Slide Blossomed and Enjoying New Love

Women seeking a relationship

"You've been on my mind lately, as I've realized it's been about a year since we first spoke. My, my how things have changed in a year. I thought I would send you
a letter with an update. That guy Jose I was so into has fallen by the wayside. He came back to town and didn't tell me. I just happen to run into him at an event.
He was nice, but I eventually came to accept that he's not looking for a relationship and isn't into me in that way. I still think about him once in a while, but I'm good and have accepted what is.more

I took a few months off from boys. Then in the fall, I decided to get back on the horse and went online. I met a guy but he wasn't really my type. Then I met another guy, Ron, who lives in Vancouver B.C. We've talked everyday for 4 months and just last weekend he came out to visit me for the first time and we hit it off. I really like how we were able to take time to get to know each other a little before meeting physically. Had we been in the same city, I might made my usual mistake of rushing into things. I'm excited about the possibilities. But not rushing into the future. Rather, I'm staying in the present and enjoying it.

My feminine side has blossomed, if I may say so. After a few weeks, he could not believe how nice I was and positive. I owe some of that to you. I've tried my best to find the positive in every situation no matter how difficult or sad. I've also cut back on immediately debating an opinion. Instead, I'll respond, "that's an interesting point of view." I've even rubbed off on Ron a little. I find that he looks for the positive now. And he'll also rephrase his opinions in a kinder way instead of just saying, "You're wrong and I'm right."

I find that I'm not teenage-girl excited about this guy, but rather calm. I really like him and like how things are so easy and effortless. I like that he is very
open with who he is and a great communicator. I suspect it helps that he is older. We'll see how things go. My only concern is that I could appear to be too
nurturing. So I'm trying to find a balance. It's a little difficult because my immediate reaction when someone has a problem or needs something, is to help however
I can. It'll be fine. Often I think, "Wow, I could missed out on this guy because I was so focused on Jose." This person is much more aligned with the type of person I'd like to share my life with. The distance isn't ideal, but he is open to moving here and I am open to moving there if we head in the direction of marriage.

I've practiced more self love and it's been great. I can notice when I'm judging. I notice it and let it go. I still have my moments, but overall, I'm in a better
place. I still struggle with the weight loss. I was doing good, but then fell off the wagon. It's quite the challenge, but one day it will click. I just take it one meal at a time.

I hope that all is well with you and that your business is thriving. I still receive your newsletters and enjoy reading them."

- H.J., Arlington, VA

The Relationship I Want Starts with Me

Women in complicated relationships

"Due to Janet's guidance, my perspective on my role in a relationship changed. I have more insight on my responsibility in a relationship - I will no longer accept a "victim" role. I am empowered to view a relationship as an opportunity to improve me, not to change the other person.more

Janet was also helpful in helping me to identify my top passions and to focus on what I want as opposed to what I don't want. I will strive to make future relationship decisions based on my passions.

Janet was calm, centered and insightful. I enjoyed working with her immensely and highly recommend her." - Dolores Lara 

Confidence, Clarity and Speaking from My Heart

Women seeking to start over in a relationship

"Janet demonstrated the highest level of professionalism in all of our sessions. She made me feel valued, treated me with respect and was patient. As a result of this coaching experience, I learned many wonderful things about myself. She guided me to value myself and to be mindful of my thoughts and actions.more

Through Janet’s coaching, I realized that I must have a positive attitude and internalize in my core that I deserve the best. Sharing with Janet so many personal issues about my past relationships helped me realized that I need to be honest with myself and speak from my heart. My confidence level has changed tremendously.

In my first coaching session, I attempted to analyze everything. Janet, however, gave me the confidence to open up and see clearly what it is that my heart desires. By the third session, I was relaxed and knew exactly what I needed in my love life. Janet was not only was a coach, but a person who gave me resources: she recommended a book, “the work,” and to meditate to be more peaceful and clear.

An experience that I would always cherish is that she taught me to speak from my heart, and even though it is challenging, when I put this into practice, my relationships overall became more enjoyable and less dramatic.

Janet is an excellent listener, excellent communicator, and her soothing manner would make anybody feel comfortable. I highly recommend Janet Ong as a relationship coach to women who desire to have better relationships." - Rebecca G. 

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